Monday, May 9, 2011

Awesomely bizarre

Goodness me, the world is a weird and wonderful place, isn't it?  If you're at all hesitant to agree, check out this gallery of bizarre animals. It really is mind-boggling the vast array of hideously, hilariously, and occasionally adorably strange creatures we share this planet with. Look at the blobfish! The star-nosed mole! The lamprey eel! The tree pangolin! The... oh, just look at them all and tell me you're not amazed.  I'm also surprised by how many of them I've never heard of before.

If, like me, you're facsinated by the strange life forms that live in the dark depths of the ocean, have a look at this gallery. Many are actually quite beautiful. But look at the piglet squid! Hahaha.

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