Saturday, May 7, 2011

Party time, gig, pony grooming

Autumn colour

Luke and I ate dinner at the amusingly kitsch (but tasty) Gaylord's Indian restaurant last night (the place that lists its desserts on the menu under the heading "Happy Endings"). Our serviettes were folded into cones and sitting upright on the table. Luke put his on his head like a party hat. Ten minutes later the woman who sat down at the table next to us did the same thing (Luke had taken his off by this stage).

We went to see Graveyard Train at the Hi Fi Bar afterwards. I enjoyed it, but I think I enjoyed their Spiegeltent gig more, although maybe that's because it didn't start at 11.00pm. I might be getting too old for this...

I'm currently listening to the new Wagons album which was released yesterday. I like it, especially the long-awaited recording of 'Willie Nelson', one of the staple songs in the band's live act.

I spent half an hour today shampooing, conditioning and detangling the manes and tails of my recently acquired stable of My Little Ponies.  They are now on top of my TV, staring at me, all silky-haired.

I bought myself another colouring book. A My Little Pony colouring book! I was a tomboy as a kid (I still am a bit now), so I think I'm having a second girlhood.  It will be good practice before I start colouring in the beautifully illustrated colouring book I bought a few weeks ago.

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