Monday, May 28, 2012

Birds, signs, Otter Street

This morning walking to work I saw one white-faced heron, two magpies and three cormorants. The white-faced heron is usually skittish, but it was so focused on catching its breakfast today that it didn't even flinch when I walked past only a metre away. 

The magpies were also hunting for worms near the path, but they're never perturbed about people getting close to them.  

The cormorants were having a rest on a small jetty, each one sitting atop a mooring pole.  One was having a snooze, with its head tucked into its chest.  

I also saw Mr and Mrs Plover on the river's edge looking for worms and bugs. 

Here are the signs I photographed on my visit to Collingwood and Fitzroy yesterday (click to enlarge all). 

 Smith Street, Collingwood.  I've posted 
a photo of this before, but it's a good 'un

 Maybe this one as's on the side of the building above

A two-in-one. Just off Smith Street

 Also off Smith Street

 Smith Street again. I love this one

 A closer view. Picnics supplied!

 Chapel Street (not the South Yarra one). Gordon Slipper 
on the left and John Bechler Shoe Manufacturer on the right

No 40 Chapel Street (the building above)

 Brunswick Street
Forget where this was

A sign of a different kind....

I want to live on Otter Street

Click here for other photos from yesterday.

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piggywhistles said...

I want to live on Otter street too. My favourite movie of all time is "Ring of Bright Water".