Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brilliant, fluttering, possum

I did a task at work today that was difficult and I wasn't sure if I did it right. It was an urgent job too, which added to the pressure. After I sent the document through for the lawyer to check, she emailed me and said "brilliant work".  Yay! And phew! People in my new job are very appreciative.

Autumn is in full swing (as it should be a week away from winter). There was a strong breeze blowing yesterday as I walked to work and leaves were falling from the elm trees and fluttering around me. It's like mother nature's confetti. The green grassy banks of the river are carpeted with yellow-brown leaves. Tonight walking home I walked through the leaves, kicking them up with my feet.

I encountered a young possum  on my walk home from the gym tonight. He lingered at the bottom of a tree staring at me. I went to reach into my bag for my camera, but the sound of the velcro sent the possum scarpering up the tree.

I wore red tights to work today. It reminded me of when I wore red tights as a kid and my Dad called me a red-legged earth mite (we lived on a farm...).

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Deidre said...

It's nice getting recognition at work! Well done.

I love red tights :) I wore my rainbow stripey tights for the first time in years the other day, they were awesome.