Saturday, May 12, 2012

Movie signs, city signs, mini machine

Luke and I went to see the new Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie Dark Shadows last night. Depp plays a vampire who is buried alive (and mortal) in the late 18th century and unearthed in 1972.  It was visually stunning (as you would expect for Tim Burton), very silly and quite funny. I also liked it because there's several old signs in it. 

Speaking of old signs, this afternoon Luke and I took our cameras and wandered the laneways of the city. We covered territory I have already traversed but I still found old signs I hadn't noticed before. Here's a selection: 

 Drewery Lane

I think this was Drewery Lane too

 Forget where this was - looks like a two-in-one

 Stuff cutters!

 Two-in-one (albeit the same sign). This is on the old 
CUB malt house on the corner of  Victoria and 
Bouverie Streets, which has 12 or so loading bays 
(or something) with numbers like this


 Elizabeth Street - old sign and old Aussie flag

 Guildford Lane

 Guildford Lane again

 And again

Little Lonsdale, I think 

I also took lots of photos of old windows. You can see them here

My mini sewing machine arrived! I ordered it Monday night and it was delivered Wednesday morning. Speedy! It's very cute, especially the foot pedal which is smaller than my hand. It feels quite sturdy though. I'll post a photo of it tomorrow. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but I plan to stay home tomorrow and give it a test drive. 

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