Sunday, May 27, 2012

Northern adventure

I thought it was Monday when I woke up this morning. What a drag...oh, wait! It's not Monday. It's Sunday! Yay! 

I caught the bus over to the inner north today. Since I last wandered Smith Street in Collingwood - not that long ago - there has been an explosion in the number of vintage, collectibles and second hand stores. Several were selling old advertising signs (at prices far out of my reach, unfortunately). 

I love these old ice cream 'signs'. And yes, ice cream 
is health food

Another ice cream. These used to sit above the 
doors of old-style milk bars (in the days before 
every convenience store was a 7 Eleven)

An ice cream in situ, just a few doors up
from the shop in the photo above. 
It's seen better days

The shop that the second photo was taken in is absolutely crammed with cool stuff, including a couple of sideshow clowns. 

This one is modelling an Essendon FC beanie

I dropped into a vintage clothing store and as I was browsing the racks, a shop cat revealed itself and accepted a pat. I love shop cats (and cinema cats such as the Astor cat in St Kilda, which once sat on a friend's lap during a movie a few years ago). As I was heading for the door, the cat was waiting there, looking out at passers-by. 

The little poser

I alerted the shop owner that his moggie appeared to be readying itself for an escape, and he shoo'ed it away from the door. 

I had a yummy toasted sesame seed bagel with cream cheese at Bean & Bagel on Johnston Street. 

I saw a lot of powerline shoes...

And some lovely autumn colour...

And some fantastic old doors... 

I also spotted what looked like an old outdoor dunny in someone's back yard. 

I bought this cute two-in-one brooch. 

And a set of placemats with hot air balloon art by Australian artist Sharon Peterkin

 There are six place mats, all with a different design

As usual with my sojourns over that side of town, I saw plenty of old signs, including this one on Johnston Street. I hope the new tenants keep the old signage. I'll post photos of the other signs later. I need to go to bed now because tomorrow is Monday.


piggywhistles said...

Love the place mats!

Jayne said...

Me too! They also had some really cool ones with illustrations of old 1950s cars on them (by a different artist).

I've only just noticed that both of my purchases were balloon themed.