Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Invitation, working out, carrot peeling

I have been invited to attend my old firm's annual trivia night in a couple of weeks. It might be a little bit weird going back, but it will be nice to catch up with people who are still there (and tell them how much happier I am since I left!). I also love trivia nights, but haven't been to one in ages

I've started back at the gym again and pushed myself pretty hard.  It felt good...afterwards. How many times have I written about starting back at the gym? I used to be a regular gym-goer with an above-average level of fitness, but the past couple of years I've gone for a few weeks at a time and then stopped for months. Even though I walk for at least an hour a day (and I walk fast), I feel so much better physically and emotionally when I work out at the gym (resistance, cardio and stretches). And yet I don't keep going! I need to work on some motivational techniques... 

I enjoy peeling carrots. I liked scraping the peeler quickly down the length of the carrot and watching the strip of peel become momentarily airborne. 

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