Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fake Friday, birds and buttercups

It's (fake) Fridayeeeee for meeeeeee! Got my annual leave day tomorrow. As I mentioned, Luke and I going on a Round-the-Bay in a day jaunt (only we'll be jaunting by car and ferry, not by bike and ferry). I'm really looking forward to it.

There's a new duck couple in town. Or maybe I just forgot they were in town already.

 Acting natural by the boatsheds

"Whaddya lookin' at?"

I also saw a duck family of mum, dad and two ducklings swimming on the river on my way home.  Again, hopefully not the same duck family I saw a few weeks ago

And Mr and Mrs Swan have built another nest.   I think it's the same pair that built a nest right on the river bank last year  - the male has an identifying tag around his neck. It seems swans are not very smart or have short memories because they've built their nest in another spot at risk of being washed away if the river rises after heavy rain. I won't get my hopes up about seeing cygnets. 

The floral displays in front of the Melbourne Town Hall at the moment are gorgeous. So colourful and cheery. 

I especially love these flowers (below). I knew them only as ranunculus, but, thanks to Google, I've learnt that ranunculus is a genus of more than 600 varieties. This particular variety is a Persian Buttercup. That's a much nicer name for such a pretty flower.  

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Andrew said...

I only noticed the Town Hall flowers today, and yes, they are great.