Friday, September 28, 2012


Something happened to me tonight that could just be the most gleeful thing that's ever happened in the history of glee. OK, maybe that's overstating it somewhat, but it was thrilling. 

Henry Wagons launched his debut solo album this evening at Polyester Records in the city. I went straight from work to make sure I had a good spot. When I arrived, Henry was at the microphone doing a soundcheck. My heart skipped a beat. But then I got all shy and didn't go in. I loitered outside and finished eating my cupcake. 

When I did go in a few minutes later, Henry had gone. I bought a copy of the album, Expecting Company?, then moodled about looking at books and CDs until Luke arrived.

Henry and his new band The Unwelcome Company (a few Wagons guys and two women from the vocal group The Nymphs) played about four songs from the new album, with Henry's usual banter in between. I liked  all the songs. 

Afterwards I headed straight to up the back to have Henry sign my copy of the CD. I waited impatiently as he chatted to the guy ahead of me, then it was my turn. 

We exchanged greetings, I handed over my copy of the CD and he scrawled his name on it. And then he said, "I recognise you." Me (full of charm and wit): "Really?" And then I kinda forget the rest of the conversation because HENRY WAGONS RECOGNISED ME!!!! I kid you not. I actually went a little bit trembly with excitement. My (relatively) long-term musical crush recognised me! 

I have spoken to him on a couple of other occasions (not recently), but he probably saw me at that event a few weeks back at Hamer Hall. There was no harsh stage lighting, I was sitting right in front of him and I do have blue boy hair. 

Would it be too tweenage if I had the signed CD cover framed? 

I've purchased tickets to see Henry and The Unwelcome Company at the lovely Thornbury Theatre in November. 


After the launch, Luke and I headed to the National Mutual building for the fireworks to celebrate the reinstatement of the lights on the building's tower. 

We waited in the cold with a smallish crowd on the corner diagonally opposite for ages and then eventually there was a ka-boom. There was a collective "Oooooh" from the crowd and probably a collective "HOLY SHIT!" from unsuspecting passers-by. 

It was a fairly modest fireworks display, but the guy spent a squillion on buying and renovating the building; you couldn't really expect a pyrotechnics show to rival New Year's Eve celebrations. 

As the last sparks of the fireworks faded, the lights in the tower were turned on.


There was a busker dressed in a rabbit suit playing bass guitar over the road while we waited for the fireworks to start. I can't be sure, but I think he might be the same guy who busks in the city while wearing a dog costume. Funky Bunny (as he calls himself - he has a Facebook page) was pretty good too. His big ears waved up and down as he played. While we were taking photos of him, two guys dressed as pirates stopped to watch. The things you see in a big city... 

We went to a cheap Japanese restaurant on Swanston Street for dinner. Luke had a stubby of Sapporo beer with his meal. We were amused by the blurb on the label. 

The photo's a little blurry. It says, "Discover the perfectly balanced taste that's irresistible to all, as you share rich moments with this masterpiece of the brewer's art." I don't think Luke shared any rich moments, but he did enjoy it. 

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missjane said...

I'm so glad you got pictures because I totally forgot about this and double booked myself! I must remember to go and have a look at the lights soon.