Sunday, September 23, 2012

Around the bay in a day

The weather didn't look promising on our 
way to Sorrento...

That's our ferry on its way back from Queenscliff. 
Still looking rather grey, but it wasn't cold

On the ferry...a cargo ship passing by and rain in the distance.
  I felt a bit seasick inside the ferry, despite the calm water, 
but was OK on the deck at the front

On the other side... An old sign in Queenscliff: Refreshment

The Point Lonsdale Pier

Tiny blue shells in the crevices of rocks on the beach at Point Lonsdale. 
They were smaller than the nail on my little finger.

Point Nepean on the Mornington Peninsula on other side 
of Port Phillip Baynear where we boarded the ferry
 (click here to see map)  

Flowers and stone

At Point Lonsdale 

Unstable blogger 

The lighthouse at Point Lonsdale


The beach at Point Lonsdale

C'mon on in guys. The water's fine 

Ducks and other birdlife on the road to Indented Head

An old thing in the sea at Indented Head

Eastern  Beach in Geelong, on our way back to Melbourne

Eastern Beach marina

Old signs in Geelong 


a work in progress said... old stomping grounds :)

piggywhistles said...

I love your photos - little things and big things. It looks as if you had a great trip.