Sunday, September 16, 2012


Luke made a crustless quiche for dinner last night. It was delicious. I think it's hard for something with bacon and cheese in it to not be delicious, but even so, it was a good 'un. Although it has no crust, there is flour in the mix, which settles at the bottom to form a faux crust. If you cook it long enough, the faux crust goes brown and a little crispy. Yum. 

I've been busy in the kitchen all afternoon. I made up a batch of seed mix for my pre-gym snacks. This one has hemp seeds added. No, they won't make me high. They're food grade, and the manufacturer guarantees they will have no psychotropic effect. This is the first time I've tried them, but they're said to be very nutritious and tasty. I'll let you know.

I dry fried the seeds in a fry pan and then ground them up with my mortar and pestle. It's fun grinding them up - some of the seeds give a tiny little 'pop' when the pestle hits them. 

The artichokes I bought yesterday are cooking. I ended up roasting them with salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice. Luke's also has a clove of garlic in the centre of it. (Alas, I can't eat garlic.) 

I've also stewed some rhubarb, and roasted a heap of root vegetables for tonight's dinner - potato, pumpkin, sweet potato and beetroot - as well as some brussels sprouts.   There's too much beetroot, so we might have a beetroot salad for dinner tomorrow night. 

Small pumpkin from Vic Market

I bought more chrysanthemums from the florist on Swan Street, pale pink ones, and dark pink ones with a yellow centre.

Update: since starting this I've eaten dinner. The artichoke was underwhelming. The heart was nice and soft, but the rest was inedible. From reading the blog post where I got the recipe, I thought some of the inner leaves around the heart would be soft enough to eat too, but they weren't. It seems a waste to cook a vegetable and throw most of it away. Maybe I should have baked it longer? I think I'll just go back to holding an artichoke above my head at the supermarket and pretending to be the Statue of Liberty. 

Next up...the grapefruit. 

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piggywhistles said...

I like your comment about the Statue of Liberty and the artichoke.