Friday, September 7, 2012

Henry, dedication, growing up

Luke and I are off to the refurbished Hamer Hall for the first time tomorrow to see Henry Wagons in the first installment of a series called Performance Enhancers. He'll be chatting about his influences and performing. 

Henry also has a new "mini-album" coming out in a few weeks, which is sort of his first solo album (it mostly features duets). And look at the cover! It's Kanes Bridge, the footbridge over the river at Yarra Bend Park, seen here on my other blog. 

I went to the gym tonight. On a Friday. I've only done that once or twice in all the years I've been a gym-goer. It just seems wrong...even if I have nothing planned besides staying home on the couch. I didn't manage to fit in my second workout on Wednesday or Thursday, and I don't want to go on the weekend, or go a full week between gym visits. I did that last week, and was sore for three days afterwards. 

I saw the duck family this morning on the river's edge. The ducklings have doubled in size in the space of a week! *sigh* They grown up so fast. 

There's a story in The Age today on the Little Library at Melbourne Central, which I discovered last weekend. 


missjane said...

A friend and I had a (mildly despairing conversation) about gym motivation the other night, and then today I heard about Gym Pact, which is an app that fines you if you don't go as often as you say you will, and rewards if you do (out of everyone else's fines).

It's an interesting idea, but as someone else pointed out, gym membership is its own kind of fine...

Jayne said...

That sure is a novel idea. I can't believe this, but I think I've reached a point where getting to the gym is no longer a struggle, at least mentally. Physically is a different story...

I've recently declined a last minute invitation to drinks because I had planned to go to the gym; I've worked out despite having a moderately bad headache; and sometimes when I make up my mind not to go, I go anyway. I just don't know who I am anymore.

I could just sign up to help subsidise my membership!