Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bargains, compliments, muffins

I love these facades on Bridge Road

I did a spot of shopping on Bridge Road in Richmond this afternoon. Nearly everything I tried on fitted and everything was a bargain. That's shopping nirvana, that is. 

The shop assistants were very chatty and complimentary. One liked my boots, another liked the print on my dress and another one liked my "style". (I was 'girly with an edge' today: a B&W sort of floral/paisley/damask print dress and full-skirted red trench, with boots and studded bag. This isn't a fashion blog so I have no photos.) 

I had a conversation with one shop assistant about the sorry state of retail on Bridge Road, which used to be Melbourne's mecca for discount fashion shopping, but it's verging on being a ghost strip these days. Every time I go, it seems as if more 'for lease' signs have gone up. I feel like I'm doing something to help by shopping there when I could find the same shops elsewhere...which helps me justify buying stuff I don't need! 

English muffins...why are they so tasty? I had them grilled with cheese and Vegemite for dinner. 

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Andrew said...

Bridge Road was killed by the DFO outlets. I expect the rents are still quite high there. As in Chapel Street, it seems landlords would rather have empty shops than reduce rents.