Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Three types of ordinary happiness

As I crossed the footbridge over the freeway this morning, a woman approached with a miniature schnauzer on a leash. The dog stopped and, resisting its owner's tugs of the leash, poked its head through the railings and paused to watch the traffic surging towards the tunnel.

A little further along, a black dog ran towards me with a big stick in its mouth. It stopped and looked back for its owner. It waited, stick still in mouth. Then when its owner caught up, it started wagging its tail and took off again.

Not long after I got to work, an online friend posted this Leunig cartoon on Facebook:

(I tried to make this bigger but it didn't work. Sorry.) 

Three minutes of happiness borrowed from a dog! 

I also experienced the happiness of both partners in my team being away. It was even more relaxed than yesterday.

And the joy of arriving home to the aroma of corned beef. Luke had it bubbling away on the stove. We had it for dinner and it was delicious, especially with a scrape of zesty dijon mustard. We have leftovers too. 

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Lindy said...

I am looking after my daughter's Miniature Foxie, Jasper, while she is caravanning around Australia. He has given me 3 MONTHS of happiness. I just love him! (But I will be pleased to give him back soon. He is very loving but very needy.) Great that you are back to regular blogging!!