Sunday, August 3, 2014

Yum, sun and lots of leaves

The anticipation of my first taste of gluten-free Weetbix got me out of bed a little earlier than usual this morning and it was worth sacrificing some of my Sunday sleep in. As gluten-free substitutes go, these are a triumph. Just as good as the original. Yum. I had them for breakfast and for an afternoon snack with cold milk. Next up, mooshed up with warm milk. I think I might need to stock up on them (especially as my local supermarket doesn't sell them). 

It was another beautiful winter's day - one of those ones that starts off icy cold and clear (so they said on the weather report; I didn't get up that early) and turns into utter perfection: blue sky, barely a cloud and sun warm enough to coax you into baring your forearms (even if only for a little while when I was out walking). 

I made the most of the sunshine with a lengthy stroll in the Botanic Gardens. I took some photos, of course. 


 Blue sky and bare branches

 In the herb garden. 

 Heart-shaped leaves

Enormo-leaf in the glasshouse

 More bare branches

 Fern Gully 

 Upside down fungus on the Fern Gully Rest House

 Spring is coming! 


 I don't know what this is - the beginnings of some kind
 of flower. And leaves

More leaves

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