Monday, August 4, 2014

Holidaying at work, marshmallows, cereal love

My boss is away this week. He's in Fiji, and we're having a little holiday as well. He's a good boss and a nice guy so it's not as if we can't stand having him around, it's just more relaxed when he's away. 

My other boss brought in a cake for the team today and some homemade marshmallows for the few of us who can't eat the cake. How thoughtful. 

I sneezed in the lift as I left work tonight and the other woman in there said "Bless you". 

I am loving the gluten-free Weetbix. I thought about them as I neared home tonight and it put a spring in my step.  I had a bowl for a snack when I got home. Yum. 

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