Thursday, August 14, 2014

Spring, possum, plover

Twilight tonight

Luke and I left the house tonight to go for dinner and I could smell spring on the air - that lovely sweet blossomy scent. I spotted a spray of jasmine among the greenery on a neighbour's fence on the weekend too, and buds have started to appear on the still-bare branches of shrubs I pass on the way to the tram stop. It feels too cold still for buds to appear, but it makes me happy. It's one of my favourite times of the year. 

I saw a possum on the way home the other night. It was sitting at the bottom of a tree, watching me pass by. 

I haven't been working to work lately so I haven't seen Mr and Mrs Plover beside the river, but I did see a lone plover on the oval when I was walking to the tram on Monday. It was a manic little creature - it would take half a dozen quick steps then stop and look into the grass for insects, then, finding none, it would run off again. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. If 'd had the time, I would have stopped to video it.

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