Thursday, November 12, 2015

November: day 12

The best part of my day happened very early today. I arrived at work to an email from a senior lawyer I've worked for for three years. She's been on extended leave since March and has spent most of the year travelling, the lucky thing. Not surprisingly (to me, anyway) she has decided she won't be coming back to the firm.

In her email she wrote: "Thank you for all your support over the years. You're the best secretary I've ever come across and indispensable to the team." 

That made my day. I'm going to file that away to bring out at salary reviews and future interviews.  

I went to the gym tonight even though I didn't think I would when I left the house this morning with my gym gear. I had drinks for an hour or so after work and thought it highly unlikely I would go to the gym after that.  BUT I DID. I can't really recommend going to the gym after three glasses of prosecco, but I managed 20 minutes of fairly challenging cardio. 

I didn't walk to work this morning, but I still managed about 12,300 steps. 

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