Sunday, November 1, 2015

It's November

Hello, November! Yes, I'm making another (mostly likely half-arsed) attempt at resurrecting my blog by participating in NaBloPoMo. Sometimes I wonder if I should abandon blogging altogether - if I really wanted to write this blog, I'd just do it, wouldn't I? 

Regardless, here I am. Thirty posts in 30 days. 

I've had a very lazy weekend, which was just what I needed. My body was feeling broken after walking down 38 flights of stairs during an emergency evacuation drill on Monday, a migraine on Thursday and a very vigorous (but excellent) massage that left my back and neck feeling bruised. 

Thursday's migraine was the first I've had in almost a month. This is almost unprecedented! I'm on new prevention medication that's working well so far, and I'm only on a half-dose at this stage. Happily, the side-effects are minimal. 

This coming week is only four days long thanks to the Melbourne Cup Day public holiday on Tuesday. I have to work tomorrow but it will most likely be very quiet as so many people take the Monday off as well. 

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Andrew said...

I think it was only today when I tidied up my blog roll and moved you to 'past, dead or seldom updated'. It is not much harder to understand than blog if you want to. I think it is better to die a slow blog death than make a grand announcement. Nevertheless, I look forward to hearing about your more recent life.