Friday, November 6, 2015

November: day 6

My boss approved my Christmas leave today. I'm off work from 23 December and go back on January 11 - almost THREE WHOLE WEEKS! I can't wait. Luke and I are combining Christmas at my Mum's near Port Macquarie with our annual New Year's road trip. 

We'll take two days to get to Mum's travelling the major highways - it's about 12 hours away, although holiday traffic might slow us down. After spending some time with Mum, we'll meander our way back home taking the road less travelled. I don't know about Luke, but I haven't seen much of the country between Sydney and Port Macquarie - only what I saw zipping through it on the train once years ago and I remember it being very picturesque, so I'm keen for a closer look.  

Now that my leave has been approved, we can start thinking about which places to visit, but as is our usual way, we'll make most of it up as we go along.  Forty-eight days to go! 

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