Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bubbly, new hair and glowing greenery

We finished work at 3.00 pm today and sat in the boardroom all afternoon sipping champers and nibbling nibblies. Yum. It was partly to mark Oaks Day (another big day on the Spring Racing Carnival calendar) and partly to celebrate the arrival of a partner's second child.

I got my hair cut and coloured tonight. Aaaah.

I love the way the trees and grass seem to glow in the early evening sun. I love that there is sunshine in the evenings, now that it's daylight savings.


Julian said...

Sounds like a good afternoon to me. :) I'm almost feeling indulged and relaxing imagining it.

Ooh, what colour? Will there be photos?

Let's hear it for daylight savings: I wish we could have it all year 'round. It being light until way into the evening is great. It being dark by the time you've finished work for the day is not. :(

Ahhh, I'm really looking forward to summer. Pleasant, warm, light nights, trips to the country, and a bit of beachgoing and water sports chucked in for good measure. :) Also, I like the freer feeling I get from wearing shorts and short sleeves, and not being wrapped up in long winter clothes (does anyone else get this, or is it just me?).

Abbeysmum said...

Uuummm, that's why some of us live in Queensland, we certainly get the energising effect of warm and free,however, the powers that be are STILL depriving us of daylight saving !!!!
Can't wait for some pics of the new hair too.
How goes the building sale saga ?

Glee Girl said...

Hi Julian. It's the same colour as before. And same style (not that that means much to most people reading this! OK, maybe some pics for you). Nothing new - but it's always nice to "fresh" hair.

I wish we could have daylight savings all year round too. I like walking home in daylight.

I'm looking forward to summer also, although I know that when it arrives we will get hit with 40+ temperatures and I'll be wishing it was winter!

I suspect you're not alone in liking the freedom of summer clothing. Not me so much - I love my jeans and boots/runners - but I do like to be able to go out at night without a jacket.

Hi abbeysmum. Isn't your lack of daylight savings something to do with the curtains fading from extra sunlight or the chooks getting confused? ;)

I will post some pics of my hair on the weekend.

The building saga...yes, there has been some developments. The building sold last week, defying the sorry state of the real estate market. I was a bit panicky at first, worrying that I'd have to move before Christmas, but I'm calmer now. Will blog in more detail.