Sunday, November 2, 2008

New camera! Yay!

This is the last picture I will take with my old camera because today I bought my new one! Woohoo! It's a Canon Powershot AS 2000 IS with 10 megapixels and a 6x optical zoom. It was on sale too. Noice!

I have a huntsman spider in my kitchen which simultaneously pleases and scares me. As long as it stays out of my bedroom, we'll get along fine.

Tomorrow night is Wagons night. Can't wait!


victoria said...

happy new camera jayne :)

can't wait to see lots of pics

have fun :)

Abbeysmum said...

So glad you are happy with the new Cannon, hope you are having heaps of fun getting to try out all the functions,can't wait to see the results .

Glee Girl said...

Thanks Victoria. I can't wait to take lots of pics...but think I should actually read the instruction manual to make the most of it!

Hi Abbeys mum. Although I'm chuffed about having a new camera, I always feel a bit overwhelmed about working out how to use a new gadget. It took me a good 10 mins just to attach the hand strap!

So, stay tuned while I work it all out.

Julian said...

Yay! :) You can't go wrong with a Canon, in my experience anyway. Happy snapping! :)

Glee Girl said...

Hi Julian. I have managed to take some photos and upload them to my computer, but am really winging it (nothing worth sharing at this stage!). Need to set aside some time to properly read the instructions, methinks.