Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tagged...eight random things about me

(Not my new hair do, but similar)

I have been tagged by small footprints to post eight random facts and/or habits about myself, so here goes...

1. I was christened Jane but changed the spelling to Jayne when I was 12. Jane was just too boring.

2. I am very fond of Dr Seuss, particularly Oh, the Places You'll Go!

3. I collect tea cup and saucer sets.

4. I have met 43 guys off dating /social networking sites...and I'm still single, but not the least bit bothered about it. I love my life.

5. I have never owned a car, and have no plans to buy one (for the sake of my finances and the planet). I got my licence six years ago and have driven only once since.

6. .I used to be a journalist but became a legal secretary after I was retrenched in 2002 (sort of by accident).

7. I'm scared of horses.

8. I grew up on a farm but I'm proof that you can indeed take the country out of the girl when you take the girl out of the country.

Now, I am supposed to tag eight others to blog eight random facts about themselves, but I think it would be more fun if you all tell me your eight things below. Not everyone has a blog after all, and I want to know you better. Regale me.


I don't know if you have noticed, but I have retired the name GleeGirl, partly because I wasn't overly taken with it to begin with, but mainly because I want to reduce my online personalities to just the one I have been using for the past few years in various other places on the net - Frisky Librarian.

But you can call me Jayne.


Lance said...

Great to know you a little better Jayne! I, too, love that Dr. Seuss book - its one for all ages!

Abbeysmum said...

8 things....well here we go,
1.I feel healthy & energetic when I do yoga at least 3 times a week.
2.feel lazy and clumsy when I don't. looking at my small garden. "deck time"with or without my friends.
5.divorced for 10 years now.
6.feel at peace near the ocean,would like to live there,can't afford to.
7.can't function without music. travel.

victoria said...

you already know heaps about me i guess...


1) i had a breast reduction at age 22.

2) i still sleep with my childhood soft toy (who has recently had surgery to reattach his head hee hee)

3)i like puppets

4) bed is my favourite place to be.

5) i love trees

6) i wouldn't want to move back to England, but am still unsure whether Australia is *home*, even after 10 yrs

7) i wish i could walk in high heels

8) your blogs (here and you-know-where) are always on my must-reads every day :)

p.s. is the hair even shorter now? new pics coming soon???? ;)

Small Footprints said...

Hi Jayne ... thank you, so much, for playing. Great list!

I had to laugh at #1 ... I did the same thing with the spelling of my name, for the same reason, at about the same age ... and like you ... it stuck for life.

Are the tea cups & saucers you collect bone china?

Take Care!

Small Footprints

Emmy said...

Hi Jayne,

Nice list! Here's mine:

1. I love to hold objects which are millions of years old, especially fossilized shark's teeth.

2. Another of my favorite pastimes is making jewelry and book thongs out of sea shells and beads.

3. I've lived with my boyfriend for 15 years... he says he'll marry me if I ask him, and I would marry him if he asked. We just haven't found the right reason yet.

4. I spend 24 hours a day with my boyfriend and we can't imagine it being any other way.

5. I take lots of pictures because it's the only way I can remember things, and I especially want to remember the fun times I've had.

6. I have tons of books about nature things because I like to find out what things are... birds, spiders, insects, sea shells, weeds, edible plants, and rocks (although we don't have many of those in Florida!).

7. We have 32 pineapple plants in our yard and 7 in the house, rooted and ready to be put in the ground.

8. I like to visit thrift stores and buy things for our kitchen.

Carla said...

Good to know you better!

1. I have worked for over twelve companies in eleven years.

2. I am one of few people who was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.

3. I love to cook and bake; even foods I do not like or cannot eat.

4. I am in my fifth month blogging and loving every minute of it.

5. I am a fashionista.

6. I am horribly afraid of spiders. Totally irrational fear.

7. October and November are my favorite months.

8. I love spending time on the West Coast; N. CA right on the water.

Julian said...

Hmm. Okay. :)

1. Despite growing up in Canada originally, I have no actual family there: my mother's Australian and my father's American.

2. I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie sometimes (and an explorer just about all of the time), so I like trying out adventure sports and travelling, near and far. My favourite country so far is Italy (Venice and Rome were the two cities that really wowed me). My favourite adventure sports so far are scuba diving and sky diving (although I won't feel the need to sky dive more than about twice in my life, I think).

3. I love chocolate, and also enjoy baking (not always with chocolate though!).

4. I have at least one extra muscle. The technical term is "accessory Anconeus muscle", and it's in my right elbow (which I found out when I got an MRI of it earlier this year). I'm assuming I'd have one in the other elbow as well (symmetry and all), but I'm not a doctor! ;)

5. I find it very hard to stand in the one place when brushing my teeth sometimes: I have to keep moving around. If I'm standing still, it won't be in the bathroom.

6. I love being around or in water (all the better if it's moving), and standing out in the wind. Hence, standing at the front of a boat that's streaking across the water is one of my favourite (physical) feelings. :)

7. I love dogs (and they know it once I've met them, too, 'cause they keep coming up to me for a pat afterwards. Yes, I'm a complete sucker for them. ;P ).

8. Although I'm getting better at it nowadays, I still think and stress way too much sometimes. I'm working on it, but there's still a ways to go, especially in the relaxation department!

Stephanie said...

Ok I want to have a go too:

1. My job involves doing lots of interesting things with sperm and testes (from mice).

2. I am addicted to Doritos orginal corn chips.

3. I have only ever had one boyfriend and the relationship lasted almost 6 years.

4. I sometimes have conversations with myself in French, just to practise.

5. I have never had: a car accident, a broken bone or a tooth cavity (can no longer keep 'speeding ticket' on that list).

6. I can complete the hard samurai sudoku puzzle in the Good Weekend in 21 minutes.

7. My favourite words are endoplasmic reticulum (a small compartment within a cell).

8. When I was very young I made my little sister taste some dog poo I found on the nature strip (not knowing it was dog poo).

Earl Riser said...

Oh alright then, don`t like being left out!

1) Sleeping.

2) Spending money.

3) Driving.

4) Reading, non fiction mainly.

5) Seeing Live bands.

6) Swimming in the sea.Actually just being close to the sea, keeps me happy.

7) Prince, did a song called Seven, which I really like.

8)My name is similar to Jayne, though it begins with W.

Always enjoy your blogs Ms Frisky Gleegirl, the Librarian.

Frisky Librarian said...

Thank you everyone for participating. It's been fun! Good to get to know you all a little better.

Hi Lance, yes, I turned to 'Oh, the Place You'll Go!' during a rough patch early this year and it was a comfort.

Hi Abbeysmum. Thank you for sharing. Do you often get in three yoga sessions a week? I need music to function too. I can't get my head around how some people aren't fussed about music.

Hello Victoria. I'm very happy to hear about number 8! ;) Poor childhood toy! I hope the surgery keeps him going for many years yet.

Yes, my hair is even shorter now. I have some other more recent pictures somewhere around... I should take some more with my new glasses on, especially now I have a new camera to play with. I will get around to it at some point.

Hi smallfootprints. Hehe. That's an obscure thing to have in common, isn't it? Yes, the tea cups and saucers are bone china. The collection started when I saved my grandmother's collection from going to the op-shop after she died, and I kept adding to it. I've also branched out with a collection of demitasse cups (half-cups, I think for espresso, not that I drink it!)

Hi Emmy. Thanks for joining in. OMG! 24 hours a day with your partner! That's remarkable and wonderful. You're very lucky to be able to do that and be happy about it. And I guess you really like pineapple too...

Hello Carla. 12 companies in 11 years. Wow, that's a full CV! Have there been some horrible jobs you didn't stay long in or are you just a restless soul?

Hello Julian, you freaky extra-muscle dude! Teehee. That's kinda cool. Does it confer any special powers or is it more of a problem? Is that why you had the MRI or was it a coincidental discovery?

They do say dogs are a good judge of character.

Hello Stephanie, Sudoku Samurai. Thank you for participating. And also for clarifying the mouse thing (even though I already knew). What sort of reaction to do you get at parties when you tell people what you do for work or do you just say something like "I work in reproductive research"?

Um-ah, you got booked for speeding.

Hello Wayne. Hehe, thanks. Thanks for your list too. What sort of non-fiction do you like? And make sure you go see Wagons if they come up your way. You won't be sorry!

Frisky Librarian said...
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Julian said...

"Hello Julian, you freaky extra-muscle dude! Teehee. That's kinda cool. Does it confer any special powers or is it more of a problem? Is that why you had the MRI or was it a coincidental discovery?"

Special powers? Unfortunately not (boy was -I- disappointed). The scientific world is still examining the possibility that it might make one more susceptible to ulnar nerve entrapment. It's an unpleasant situation where something places pressure on the nerve that connects to your 4th and 5th fingers, and the back half of your hand over your small finger. This leads to tingling, and if it gets worse, numbness and weakness, finally ending in your two fingers curling over slightly like a claw. It's very treatable though, fortunately!

It was a coincidental finding when they were checking my elbow for other damage after I hyper-extended it about a year ago. The good news was that there was no damage, the good/bad news is that a few months after the scan, it's lead to the conclusion that I'm going to have to get part of my elbow bone ground back to fix the problem. Basically, bone is pretty stupid, and sometimes it grows out extra bits where it shouldn't. Normally, when you straighten your arm out, your bone fits nicely into the gap that's there for it. In my case, the bone has thickened a bit out at the edges (I think), and instead of it fitting in nicely with clearance, it's jamming into the other one, which leads to ouchyness and inflammation of things around it, too. I'll probably get a second opinion first, but I'm going to go ahead and get it operated on.

The glee here is that it's finally going to be sorted out, so I can get back to what I like doing properly. :) There'll be a week where I can't really use it, followed by 6-8 weeks recovery before I can go back to sport, though (plus a little physio possibly, by the sounds of it). I'm considering leaving it 'til after summer/autumn, when there isn't nearly as much cool stuff going on. ;)

Hmm, this turned into a long-ish description, didn't it? Oh well: now you know! ;)