Friday, November 7, 2008

Compliments, more rain and a pygmy hippo

I got a very nice compliment today. A FABULOUS compliment indeed. Had it been said to my face (rather than via a blog), I would have blushed madly.

A man I met for the first time at dinner last Friday night told me I am stunning (in response to my comment that I was worried I would be invisible to guys now that I have short hair). Stunning! I would have been pleased with pretty!

It made my day. As reader Julian commented recently, a compliment is a wonderful thing - so easy to give and such a simple way to make someone feel good. Got to be genuine of course, but it's usually not that hard to find something nice to say about people you like, is it?

It's raining

I walked home in light rain tonight. I like the sound of the rain drops pattering onto my umbrella. It's still raining now. We so badly need it.

Fun-size hippo

Check out this baby pygmy hippo. I saw it on the news tonight. cute!

Anyone received a nice compliment lately? Or given one?
What are some other easy ways to make others feel good?


Abbeysmum said...

Happy you had a nice compliment,sometimes a little thing can make your day.
I wore some new earings to the hairdresser today and she said they were the nicest she had seen in a while, art nouveau style in a pearly cream colour.I knew as soon as I saw them that I would buy them.

Julian said...

That baby hippo really is cute, isn't she? :) Reminds me of a cute, extremely energetic little critter a family in the Amazon had as a pet (I was there last year). If I can work out a way to size down the video I've got, I'll send it to you. :)

Compliments lately? Well, the interviewer on Wednesday was apparently "very impressed" with me, which was nice to hear. A lady at the swing dancing class I've started going to told me tonight that she could tell that I'd done dancing before when I commented that I had, which was a nice little confidence booster. (Had a great night, too. It was a dinner, lesson, and social dance "outing" at a place not far from the city for our class. Picked up a few things, and had a great time dancing, despite an almost complete lack of skill. ;) )

Other easy ways to make people feel good? It varies from person to person of course, but a hug is often an instant feel-good, especially if someone is feeling a bit blue. A thoughtful little gift from someone who "thought of you" when they saw it is nice, too, even if it isn't nearly as common.

Julian said...

P.S. You look perfectly fine with short hair, and won't be "invisible" at all. :)

Small Footprints said...

Isn't it wonderful to receive an unsolicited compliment. It's a jewel in our day.

I thinking commenting on blogs is a wonderful way to compliment others. Another good way is to really look at someone and find a little something that you appreciate ... then tell them. I do that with people in the service industry ... they tend to be invisible ... and I like to let them know that I see them.

Have a great weekend!

Small Footprints

Abbeysmum said...

Yes Julian, a hug can be just the best ,one Birthday I got a hug from one of the other mums at playgroup and it was the ONLY thing I got for my birthday that and prezzies arrived the next day but it just isn't the same as being gleeful on your day.

Glee Girl said...

Hi abbeysum. Yes, I don't know about stunning, but I was certainly stunned!

Your earrings sound very nice. I guess hairdresser's see a lot of them up close too, so that makes it an even better compliment.

Hello Julian. What sort of critter? (Hehe...I like that word). Hope you can send the video to me. I saw a doco about the Amazon recently and learned that it is home to the world's only wood eating fish.

Getting a new job is a big compliment in itself, isn't it? And it doesn't sound like you are completely lacking in dancing skills to me. s it an ongoing thing, or a one-off?

Hugs are definitely right up there for the feel-good factor and who doesn't love little "just because" presents. It's so nice to know you're being thought of when you aren't around.

PS Thank you. And have fun in Sydney next week!

Hello Small Footprints. Yes, a compliment is a jewel in the day. I still feel tickled thinking about it today.

Commenting on blogs is a good way to compliment someone (unless you have readers who like to point out spelling errors!). I hadn't really thought of it like that - although I very much enjoy getting comments.

It's very thoughtful of you to take the time to let people in the service industry know that you notice them. I'm sure you are treated very well in return too (not that I'm suggesting that's why you do it!). It doesn't take much to be polite and pleasant, does it? I know a lot of people dismiss small talk as grating and awkward, but I quite like it when I get to share a joke or connect a teeny tiny bit with someone in the lift or at the corner store.

Hello again Abbeysmum. Yay for birthday hugs (or anytime hugs)! It is so much better to get the cards and gifts on the day. These days I seem to get more text messages than anything (from friends) and it just isn't the same.'s better than nothing at all, hey?

The Infamous Mrs. BlueBalls said...

Now I really feel the pressure to get my hair done again. I want to be as stunning as you Jayne!