Sunday, November 30, 2008

My weekend in pictures

Synchonised swimming for ducks

Man, I'm thrilled with the macro function on my new camera. This is a tiny, tiny daisy in the grass - about as big as my thumbnail. It has a little insect on it too.

Ace fiery sunset last night - too bad I couldn't find a more aesthetically pleasing vantage point to capture it.

Dunno what these flowers are but I love the colour.

Off Chapel Street

One of the stone eagles on the flaking facade of an old building on Chapel Street

Tomorrow I will actually write a proper blog. How was your weekend?


Abbeysmum said...

Gleeful to see you are having fun with your new camera, I have a macro function on my very basic Sony, but have yet to try it out.My "black" Calla lily is in flower just now, so I will try it out tomorrow.

Robin said...

The flowers look like Morning Glories, the color "heavenly blue". They were my dad's favorite flower, he was always trying to nurture them, to no avail. When I moved into that house they EXPLODED...turns out they thrive on neglect!

Small Footprints said...

Great pictures! The first one reminded me of a time when, driving by a lake filled with ducks, someone yelled out "Look at all those duck butts".

Your new camera is taking fabulous pictures!

Hope you're enjoying your spring ... fall, here, is chilly ... but lovely!

Take Care!

Small Footprints

Earl Riser said...

Ha ha,ducks bums!!
They are after a feed though, imagine if we looked like that while putting food in our mouths.

Nice purple/blue flowers, I find that colour to beone of my favourites.

That four letter word on the building, good spotting Jayne, it is a lovely word.
Too bad about the sunset pic, yeah? I bet it was nice being there though.

All in all a very nice picture blog, taken by a photographer full of glee!!

Frisky Librarian (formerly known as GleeGirl) said...

Hello Abbeysmum. I still haven't even read the instructions (it's on my holiday to-do list) so once I do, I'm sure I will love it even more. Black calla lilies sound very exotic. I only know the orange ones.

Hi Robin. Hehe. Gotta love a plant that thrives on neglect! The flower is very similar to morning glory, but it's a lot larger (hard to tell in a photo) and the colour is a much deeper purple/blue. I actually did take some photos of morning glory on the same day. I wonder if there is a "what flower is that?" site on the net? Or I could just ask my mum.

Hi Small Footprints. Hehe. Duck butts!

Hello Earl. Indeedy!

Those ducks were pretty hungry - they had their bums poking out of the water a lot. The water is very shallow because of the drought, so I guess they don't have to immerse themselves to feed.

I love that colour too. I call it blurple - not blue, but not purple.

I still kinda like the contrast between the natural beauty of the sunset and the man made eyesore of train lines, though I would have loved to have captured it from the bridge near my house. Sadly, the fire had well faded by the time I got there (I was up the street getting dinner).

I try to remember to look up when I'm out and about - it's quite surprising the things you notice - like Love on the side of a building - when you lift your gaze above street level.

Frisky Librarian (formerly known as GleeGirl) said...

Hello again Robin - you were right! The flower is a morning glory. I didn't realise the name referss to so many similar but different flowers. I thought it was only the little mauve ones with the white centres and grey-green foliage, but no. Learn something new every day....