Saturday, November 1, 2008

Random glee

* A tasty dinner ending with yummy lemon tart at a restaurant (called Birdie Num Nums!) with a bunch of new friends.

* Exploring a street I've never been to before and thinking, "Hey, I feel really at home here".

* A man with his face painted like Marcel Marceau...driving a Magna stationwagon (one of the dullest, most conservative family cars there is).

* A beautiful and unusual flower (above). Is it an azalea?

* Half-peeled banana cufflinks. I'd like to meet the guy who'd wear them!

* A drunken sailor - or at least a very disconsolate dude in a sailor suit - sitting on the steps at Windsor train station.

* A pair of dogs standing at the automatic door of a Priceline store looking in after their owner, the golden retriever's nose just poking inside.

* An hour spent nosing about the Chapel Street Bazaar second-hand wonderland. I saw framed prints of 1940s "nudie cuties" nestled up to a picture of Jesus, the ugliest Madonna and baby Jesus ornament in existence (below - that's seashells stuck on a heart with sand glued to it) and a chocolate tin the same as the one my mum used to keep her loose buttons in when I was a kid. It was priced at $58!

* Saying Onitsuka Tigers (the brand of my
new sneakers) in my head with a silly Japanese accent.


abbeysmum said...

Hi Jayne, I think the flowers are Rhododendrons, very similar to azalias.

Anonymous said...

You can spend a lot of time in that bazaar. Unbelieveable what they have and what they value them at.

Glee Girl said...

Hi abbeysmum. You're probably right. I do recall them being similar. They're purdy whatever they are! My photo, taken with my phone camera, doesn't really capture their loveliness though. I'll have to go back with my new camera!

Hello Anon. Yes, the bazaar is a cornucopia of old stuff (and also some dodgy not so old stuff). I love it there, although it seems like most of the stuff I like costs several hundred dollars, and I'm not talking furniture or jewellery. I have added some nice not-soo-exy stuff to my collections over the years though.

I really like the nostalgia value of it - when I see things that I had or my family had when I was a kid (a clear sign I'm getting on!). I would have bought the tin if it were $20 or $30 cheaper.