Thursday, November 13, 2008


Aaaaah...After three days of hot and at times windy weather which appeared out of the blue, a cool change has just swept through, bringing a refreshing cool breeze and showers. What a relief!

The temperature dropped more than 10 degrees in a matter of minutes after being in the low 30s all day. It was 28 degrees C (82 F) when I left home this morning!

The smell of hot, wet bitumen is wafting in through my open windows. That, for me, is the essence of summer (although it's not quite summer yet). No sign of the thunderstorms that were forecast, but the night is young.

I can see some pleasing specimens of cumulonimbus out the window too.

The decluttering continues

My decluttering drive continued tonight. The local council is conducting its annual free hard rubbish collection tomorrow, so I've carted a bunch of stuff down three flights of stairs in the heat and dumped it on the nature strip. (The pile includes the hideous vase my ex gave me last Christmas!)

I had more stuff to get rid of than I realised and I'm happy to have cleared some space in my spare room, not least because someone might have to move in there.


Abbeysmum said...

Happy to hear you are enjoying a little cool break, I live on top of a mountain, so even after a really hot day , it is cool at night.Maybe you could do a 3 month trail like employers do, and if you don't like your "roomy" after that time you can ask them to leave.

Small Footprints said...

You've been tagged. Check out this link to find out what that means:

Have fun ... and don't forget to let me know when you've completed your 8!

Small Footprints

Julian said...

Weather and glee report from Sydney. ;) I noticed it had been pretty hot down there: we've been having mid-20s days and a fair bit of sun, which has been nice, even if we were inside for most of them!

Nice to hear it's cooled off down in Melbourne: I know it's always a huge relief to me (y'know: Canadian-born and all that ;) ).

I'm currently sitting in a nice, relaxed hotel lobby close to (in??) the CBD after a very busy, tiring, but fun and somewhat cool last few days. The short story is that the training course went well, and they apparently loved my presentation skills and personality. The first day or two dealing with customers at the job will be somewhat stressful, I'm sure, but for now, I'm happily floating on an "ahhhhhh" cloud of accomplishment and de-stress, with probably a fair bit of exhaustion thrown in. ;)

Okay: it's time for me to step outside and see what I can get for dinner etc. The food for the last few days has been fantastic (as in high quality restaurant food for dinner, and very good for lunch), but I think I'm in the mood for something more basic now! Also, just being able to get out and wander for a bit is very appealing after being semi-cooped up for the last few days. :)

Earl Riser said...

Hot and humid here at the mo.Friday evening 7.30pm.Weather is about to change to snot and drizzle.

The hard clean up, is how I get bread for lunch, heee.

Jayne said...

Hi abbeysmum. Living on top of a mountain sounds great. Summer must be so much more bearable when they nights are always cool.

A three month trial...hmmm. I suspect that it might not paint me in a very flattering light if I were to suggest it to potential tenants...

Hello smallfootprints. Thank you! I love these things.

Hi Julian. Sounds like all is going well up here in Sydney. Good to hear.

Hello Earl...Er..quite.