Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gleeful anticipation

I remember when I was a kid saying to my mother that I wish it was my birthday already or Christmas or the school holidays or some event that I was excitedly looking forward to, and she would tell me not to wish my life away.

I've always been quite impatient and found it difficult to happily wait for much-anticipated events. But - somehow, without intending to - I seem to have learned to relish counting down the hours, days and weeks until a Big Day arrives. Maybe it's part of getting older.

I'm so excited about so many things at the moment - small things and big things - that I'm practically bouncing. I feel like a little kid before Christmas.

My favourite show Scrubs returns tonight. Yay! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for it all year and now it's finally here! (It's on now actually, I'm typing during the ads).

I have drinks after work tomorrow night with a group of people I "met" through the Ask Sam dating/relationships blog on The Age newspaper website. Some I have met in the flesh once or twice, some I only know through the information they have divulged online - which is sometimes a lot. There are some amazingly intelligent, wise, funny and quirky people who comment (the blog itself is rarely worth reading) and I'm looking forward to meeting them offline.

Saturday night I am going to see one of my favourite bands, The Grates, perform. I have seen them once before and it was an awesome, high-energy gig so I have high hopes for this show. (Oh, and I'm having a fill of tasty dumplings with a friend in Chinatown beforehand.)

And next week I'm on holidays! Wooooo! I'm not going away. I'm sure people at work think I'm dead boring because I often have "home holidays". I love Melbourne so much that I'm happy having a week off work without leaving town. I have heaps of stuff planned, much of it aimed at catching up and getting on top of things, including having a great big clean out at home. I know, it sounds boring, but I love the catharsis of cleaning out the clutter and having a neat and orderly home. I got rid of a lot of stuff about six months ago but this time I'm going to be even more ruthless. I like the idea of paring things right back to the bare minimum.

I have also been in touch with someone from my past who has suggested we catch up over dinner, and I'm cautiously excited about that. (For anyone who read in my first ever post that I had just emerged from an on-off relationship, it's not that guy!)

And, that's on top of the other things I've written about recently, including going shopping with a cheque from the tax man to buy myself a flash new camera, and having a whole month off over Christmas. I'm also considering rearranging my flight home to visit friends up north for New Year's Eve.

I can't wait...No! I can!

Do you enjoy anticipation? Do you like having home holidays? Are you a hoarder or declutterer?


victoria said...

is that a tentative *date*-type dinner???

oooooooooooooh *claps hands*

Anonymous said...

I get the "can't waits" when I know I am headed to the beach for a few days,it seems to be the place I am most happy, calm and re energised.

Glee Girl said...

Hi Victoria. Nosey, arncha? ;) I'm not sure if it's a datey dinner or not. Stay tuned.

Hi anonymous. Why always anonymous?

Meri said...

I like anticipation. Nothing worse than have nothing to look forward to.
Yes, and holidays are fine. Holidays of anykind.
Hoarder I am, definitely. Should declutter really soon, orelse we should move out.
PS: Enjoy dinner.

Lance said...

Sounds like lots of fun things going on! Enjoy them all (including the anticipation)! I too enjoy the anticipation of something big coming up - it's fun to think it's only x days away, or x hours away.

Enjoy the holiday as well...

The Infamous Mrs. BlueBalls said...

I'm a hoarder. Which I'm really trying to stop. I LOVE at home holidays. With working so much and never being home its nice to just catch up and relax in the dwelling you work so hard all week to keep.

Earl Riser said...

Hi Glee girl, nothing wrong with stay at home holidays, I like them too.
Woo hoo, on the dating scene, have some phun times, ay!!
Dumpling dinner and then a cool band? Now I am jealous!!!

Glee Girl said...

Hi Meri. Yes, not having something to look forward to is a little gloomy. We all need a bright spot up ahead.

Moving might force you to declutter...unless you do what my ex - moved from one place to another, taking pretty much everything with him and just finding a new place for all his useless crap (although I hear hoarders prefer the term "stuff"!). I could never understand it...maybe we were never meant to be! ;)

Hi Lance. Yep, lots of fun things going on. I surely will enjoy it.

Hello Mrs Blueballs. You make a very good point - we work hard to have a home so why not enjoy the time there? I guess some people are happy to potter at home, and others need something more exciting. I do like to get away, but sometimes I don't find it very refreshing, especially if I pretty much have to go back to work as soon as I dump my bags. I like to build in a little buffer.

Hi Earl. I don't know if the dinner is a date, nor am I sure if I want it to be. I'm enjoying being on my own and not really looking to get back into the dating scene just yet (let alone a serious relationship). But we'll see! It's just dinner - like I have to marry the guy, hey?

Abbeysmum said...

Hi, no more anonymous this time.
I was a clutterer but am now trying very hard to get rid of heaps of "stuff", it just makes life more complicated.I was beginning to wonder how good the "drinks" were the other night, as there was no blog on Friday night, hope you had fun !

Alison said...

I love home holidays. On a "staycation" you get to enjoy every minute - no packing, no waiting for planes and no pile of dirty washing at the end. I pulled every single thing out of my wardrobe during my recent home holiday.

Anonymous said...

A dinner without expectations is the best way to go, I reckon. Oh, and one day I might think up a name.

Glee Girl said...

Hello Abbeysmum. I think I have two Anonymouses (Anonymi?) because there is another still appearing (see below your comment). Silly me assumed there was only one!

I think it's quite difficult to go from being a hoarder to a declutters. Well done for trying to make he transition.

I didn't have a chance to blog about the drinks, as I got home quite late. See the post after this one.

Hi Alison. Staycation! Another combo word. Love it.

Hello Anonymous. Yes, no expectations is the way to go...but can I do it? This guy made a VERY big impression on me the first time around, you see. Time will tell.