Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Balloon, blimp, glow, run

There were three hot air balloons floating above Richmond(ish) when I left the house this morning. I haven't seen any that close for ages. It's a magical sight. 

When I got closer to the city I saw something hovering high up over the CBD which looked like a blimp. I lost sight of it for a minute when some trees blocked my view, but when I looked again it was nowhere to be seen. That's weird, I thought. Then when I was crossing the street to get to my office, I looked up just in time to see it bob up over the top of a low building next to my work and then disappear again! What's that all about then?

The sun rises at almost the same time as me at the moment. I love getting up to that golden glow shining into my flat. 

Tonight at the gym I ran more than I walked for the first time since I started my health kick. I sweated A LOT. When I finished my cardio and lay down to do my stretches, my glasses fogged up. 


Deidre said...

I see them down around prahran all the time, and sometimes I get a bit nervous on how low they get!

cloudbusting2 said...

The disappearing blimp sounds mysterious. Almost as mysterious as foggy glasses. Why they keep on doing that?