Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Warm, coincidence, two, many

It was a very chilly walk home tonight. I donned my furry earmuffs for the first time this winter, as well as gloves and scarf. I rarely wear a scarf when I'm walking because I usually warm quickly and end up carrying it in my bag most of the way. But tonight I wore it the whole way home...home to my nice, cosy flat.  Aaaaaaah. After more than seven years living here, I still don't take my warm flat for granted (the heating is on all the time in winter and it's free. Not so great for the environment, but I have no control over it. I try to shrink my ecological footprint in other ways in an attempt to compensate). 

I got an email from a friend and Gleeful reader who is also currently reading The Etymologicon! What a coincidence!  She is also loving it. I told you it's good, didn't I?

I saw two Nankeen Night Herons on the walk home tonight. So there actually is more than one of them. 

Speaking of more than one bird, have a look at this video of a Chinese farmer taking his flock of ducks for a walk ('flock' doesn't seem to be an appropriate collective noun for birds on foot, rather than on the wing). I've never seen so many ducks in one place! They're very well behaved. 

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