Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday, beautiful Sunday


What a glorious winter's day it was in Melbourne! Completely at odds with the forecast earlier in the week for a cold, wet and miserable Sunday.  I was planning to hide from the cold at home, but since the sky was blue and the sun was shining, I headed to Chapel Street on a mission to find a little deer figurine to graze the moss in my (as-yet-unplanted) terrarium. 

Chapel Street Bazaar was my first port of call, but everything I liked was way too expensive and everything that wasn't was a bit ugly. They were, however, selling a stuffed (as in taxidermy) hedgehog and skunk. Taxidermy must be cool now? I've been seeing stuffed stuff in quite a few places lately. 

I poked around in some of the other second-hand shops up the Windsor end of Chapel Street (the best end) before buying a trio of little ceramic rabbits at a cute vintage store called Dorothy & Evelyn. They're the same as these ones, only grey. I want to get another plant to go in the terrarium before I plant it. I wish there was a nursery in the CBD!

While I was on my way to Windsor, I stopped to take a photo of an old sign I'd seen while driving down Commercial Road with Luke. 

And I found this one as well: 

I also stopped in to Handiworks, one of my favourite shops on Chapel Street. They have so many beautiful cards, notebooks and journals... I contented myself with caressing them lovingly, since I don't have a need for any of them.  Perhaps I need to send more handwritten cards for no real reason (other than to use the beautiful cards I bought)? That would be a fun thing to do. 

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