Monday, June 25, 2012

Not exhausted, good news, word nerdery

The river was very still and glassy tonight

I've turned a corner in my quest to get fit (no, I wasn't walking around the block!). Tonight is the first time since I went back to the gym that I have left the building without feeling utterly exhausted. I did my usual workout (plus 1 minute of running) but I skipped down the steps of the gym after my workout, partly because I wasn't worn out and partly because I'd just heard some good news: pilates classes are now included in my gym membership instead of being an extra charge. Hurrah! I've done a few 6-week pilates courses at the gym before, but I've always resented having to pay extra. I'll be far more inclined to go regularly now.

Although losing weight isn't my main goal at the gym, I noticed today that my clothes are a little roomier. It's a nice feeling. I actually went back to the gym after my doctor 'prescribed' endorphins as a mood enhancer. I should have been going anyway, but that gave me the nudge I needed. I'm certainly less grumpy, but I think that's the endorphins, as well as the satisfaction of meeting the challenges I have set for myself and feeling myself getting fitter and stronger. 

My next book...

I've started reading The Etymologicon: a circular stroll through the hidden connections of the English language  by Mark Forsyth (aka The Inky Fool) and it's stupendously fascinating and surprising and funny.  I fear I will struggle to put it down and keep reading into the early hours... (Yup, if proof were required of my wordnerdery, the previous sentence would do it.)

I'd regale you with some of the things I've learnt, but each page is so dense with revelations of the surprising connections between seemingly unconnected words and I'm tired, so I can't remember any that particularly stood out. Oh, here's one: avocadoes are so named because the Aztecs thought they looked like testicles. And...and...the words testament and testimony share the same origin as the word testicles. I'll tell you about the words that are related to farting another time. 

Anyway, if you are a word lover, you must read this book. 


DiscoveredJoys said...

Just a drive-by thank you for your blogs (I've just also subscribed to Girl in Melbourne).

Although I'm not a believer in living someone else's life by proxy (I don't watch Soaps for instance) it does cheer me up to read about your reasons to be cheerful.

Thanks again.

piggywhistles said...

Thanks for putting me onto the Inky Fool. It looks fascinating.

Jayne said...

Hello DiscoveredJoys. Thank you for stopping by and for subscribing. I'm glad a can put a smile on our face.

Hi Piggy. No probs! I've deliberate;y avoided looking at The Inky Fool because I'm worried I'll get lost in it. I also have this thing when I stumble on a fantastic new website where I feel completely overwhelmed by all the information before I've even scratched the surface. But after I finish the book I will have another look.