Monday, June 4, 2012

The motivating minute

I went to the gym again tonight. AGAIN! As you might have guessed, I'm pretty pleased with my efforts. Usually on days when I plan to go to the gym, I think about it during the day and groan inwardly, wishing I was going straight home to my couch instead (and I often do).  But not today! I thought about it, but I was looking forward to it. Even the rain, wind and cold didn't have me thinking longingly of my comfy couch and warm flat. This is strange, but excellent. 

Setting myself the goal of running for one minute longer each visit seems to be a potent motivator - more effective than knowing I will feel and look better if I work out regularly.  It's not as if I had never aimed for continual improvement before. I've always tried to do a little bit more with each workout - a few more reps here, a slightly heavier weight there - but for some reason, running for just one extra minute every time feels far more satisfying, more tangible somehow. Maybe it's because I was fit once and I remember what an amazing feeling it is knowing your body can do what you ask of it. It's empowering. I want that feeling again.  I guess I should set myself a goal to be able to run for a set time by x date. 

Tonight after jogging for a few minutes I didn't think I'd be able to match my previous efforts, much less add an extra minute, but I kept going and got there (with the aid of my go-to jogging song, Billy Idol's To Be a Lover!). That feels good.

I even walked home despite the wintry weather and almost constant headwind, which means I did about 1.5 hours of cardio exercise today, including walking to work and home from the gym. 

I saw one jogger braving the elements on my walk home. I felt like calling out to her, "You go, sister!" but I didn't.  

It was very nice to get home and change out of my soggy clothes. Luke cooked a tasty dinner and then I had a hot bath. Now for bed. 

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