Thursday, June 14, 2012

Forty schmorty

White egret spotted on the way home tonight
 under  the Swan Street Bridge

This is my third week back at the gym. Yep, I'm still going. Wooh! This morning my muscles were still feeling sore from Tuesday's workout so I wasn't sure if I'd be up to doing my usual routine. But I felt OK by the time I left work, so I did my usual resistance workout, with an increase in reps on one exercise. I've altered the intervals of my cardio routine to jogging for a minute and walking for a minute, but still running for a minute more than last time...or maybe more than a minute - I keep losing track of how many minutes I'm up to so I err on the side of doing more, rather than less. And when I thought I had exhausted my lungs and energy supply near the end of my workout, I made myself sprint the last minute. 

Have I mentioned that I'm turning 40 in just under a month? That's not the reason I started back at the gym, but it is helping to keep me motivated. I've been fitter in my 30s than I was in my 20s (not necessarily super fit, but fitter), and I see no reason why I can't be  super fit in my 40s. 

It's Friday tomorrow already. Love a four day working week. 

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