Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fit, Queen Vic, frisbee fun

Street art in a city alley

I was expecting a dreary, wet day when I got up today, but it was another perfect winter's day. It was clear and sunny, but very chilly, as cloudless winter days often are. 

I had a fitness assessment at my gym this morning. I was hoping I would fall somewhere in the average range given my gym attendance has been sporadic over the years, but I'm more active than the average office worker. I was pleasantly surprised with my results -  my fitness is excellent compared to other women my age. EXCELLENT! EX. ELL. ENT!!! 

I'm kinda wishing now that I'd had an assessment when I first went back to the gym so I could see how much I've improved in the past six weeks. I'll definitely be booking them in at regular intervals from now on.  

To celebrate, I bought some new jogging shoes (which I needed). They're very bouncey. Boing! Boing! I'm looking forward to taking them for a run. 

Vic Market (the bit without food)

After the gym, Luke and I went to the nearby Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne's foremost fresh produce market, to buy our meat, fruit and vegetables. It's quite an experience - so much activity and noise and colour. And the deli hall... The bread! The cheese! The antipasto! It's a  droolworthy feast for the senses.  *drools*  

The meat is definitely WAY cheaper. We got lamb backstrap for $22 a kilo - it's $40 a kilo at the supermarket, which makes it a special treat, rather than a staple. 

We also got a 600g punnet of strawberries for $4. That's a LOT of strawberries. I'm going to freeze some so they won't spoil before we can eat them. 

And look at these teeny tiny bananas! 

The lemon and lime are average sized. Apparently they are called seƱorita or monkey bananas. There's certainly a lot more variety of fruit and vegetables at the market. I don't think we'll go weekly, but I'd like to go more often. 

In the afternoon we went over to Gosch's Paddock (the sports grounds next to AAMI Park) to throw the frisbee. Luke bought it last year, but it only made its maiden flight today. I was pretty rusty to begin with since I haven't thrown a frisbee in a long time, but I soon got into the swing of it. There were a few running, leaping catches. Definitely a fun way to get some  exercise. 

We could see very dark clouds coming towards the city as we played, and eventually it started to rain so we headed for home. The frisbee doubled as a (rather small) umbrella. I put it on my head and pretended I was at finishing school learning how to walk with good posture. 


piggywhistles said...

Congratulations on the EXCELLENT fitness results!!

Jayne said...

Thanks you. I'm very pleased with myself!