Sunday, October 26, 2008

Caroline Street, dog kerbing and dating for a cause

I walked down my favourite street on the way to lunch with a friend today. Caroline Street (above) is lined with beautiful old houses and slopes down to Toorak Road under a canopy of plane trees. It's a shady oasis on a warm day like today.

I had a nice lazy Sunday afternoon lunch and a G n T with Dee, sitting out the front of Bridie O'Reilly's on Chapel Street watching the world go by and catching up on news.

On the way home, I walked along another beautiful street which has many old three-storey buildings that were once stately homes (with names like Mandeville, Montalto and Moore Abbey) but are now posh apartment buildings. What I like best about the street though are the quaint "Please kerb your dog" signs nestled among the greenery on the nature strip (below).

I ask and I receive...again

A couple of weeks ago on my other blog, I pondered the difficulties of trying to find an environmentally aware guy with a social conscience in the world of online dating, without sounding like a self-righteous, anti-fun hippie.

Not that I am looking just yet, but when I am ready, I have found a fabulous alternative called Single Volunteers. It's a group of single people who get together to do good deeds, like cooking meals for homeless people. What a great idea, hey?

It's Melbourne-based and run through (mad stands for 'making a difference'), which does a lot of other great things in the community, not just bringing like-minded singles together.
PS Stephanie, if you're reading this, I'm sorry!

How was your weekend? Do you have a favourite street?


Anonymous said...

There are many suburbs that have a real charm to them. Not so long ago I was on St Georges Road taking photos of some of the more visually interesting houses, only to find that a private security guard was following me in his car. (I was on my trusty cycle.)

Anonymous said...

p.s. How do you "kerb your dog"?

Jannie Funster said...

Sounds like ia "dog-poop free" street. Heavenly.

My favorite street is really more of a lane, the one leading from my dad's barn through his fields to his woodlots back past where the trains used to run. When I get back to the top of the hill and look the mile back to the Bay, I feel more alive than on any other street in the world. Of course it's about 3200 miles from here, so I just have to imagine it today.

Glee Girl said...

Hi Anon. Ack! A private security guard. You got told to move along, then? I sometimes worry I will have people yelling at me when I take pictures of their houses, but so far, so good.

I'm not exactly sure how you kerb your dog, but in my mind's eye, I see dogs lined up side by side along the nature strip like horses otied up in front of a wild west saloon.

Maybe "kerb your dog" is their genteel alternative to the "no pooping" signs you see in other places (i.e. the silhouette of a dog having a dump inside a big red circle with a cross through it)?

Hello Jannie. Welcome! Yep, it is a pretty clean street.

That lane sounds wonderful. Too bad it's so far away but at least you can still go there in your mind. Do you visit very often?

Julian said...

I'd like to add "discovering the tax office owes you a small amount of money, instead of you owing them lots, the way you thought it would be" as a glee increaser. (No, I'm not greedy and materialistic, but I can't help but feel a bit gleeful about it!) :)

Julian said...

(Actually, some of the glee factor about that tax thing is the relaxing, peaceful "ahhhhh, that's done..." feeling. :) :) )

Glee Girl said...

Hi Julian! That's totally gleeful! I was pretty happy when I found out I was getting some back this year, instead of paying like last year. With the price of everything going up, it's nice to get a little back.

I also get a kick when I check my bank account and have more there than I expected or when I buy something that scans at a lower price than I expected to pay.

Glee Girl said...

You've mentally crossed a job off your to-do list.

Julian said...

"You've mentally crossed a job off your to-do list."

Yep, well put! And one that usually feels much larger than it really is! :) (Gotta love that whole perceived proportion thing.)