Thursday, October 23, 2008

Odd bicycles and more than words

I saw a man riding a very big unicycle by the river, clad in very padded trousers. I like the way you see some strange sights in a big city. I grew up in the country - no unicycles there (big or otherwise).

I even saw a man riding a penny-farthing bicycle in the city once too. It made me think of the poem by Aussie bush poet Banjo Patterson, Mulga Bill's Bicycle, which I liked when I was a kid.

Not just word games

I discovered tonight that isn't just about words - you can choose your quiz subject, from topics including geography, maths and science. Cool bananas.

I gave my brain a workout trying to remember the capital cities of the world.

Seen anything odd lately round your way lately?


Julian said...

Penny Farthings are cool. :) I was impressed when I saw a guy on a unicycle on the Eastlink bike ride.

I was thinking of mentioning that there were other subjects on Freerice, but figured you'd probably have noticed them already. :) My geography is so bad that I don't think I'll be much help if I go with that category! I'm going to have a shot at the English grammar section at some point, though.

Anything odd recently? Not really (sadly).

Robin said...

I bought my husband a unicycle for his birthday last year, and his mother bought him a concertina (that's like a smaller, prettier accordian) for Christmas. So I'm thinking, he needs to combine both these elements, and maybe wear a funny hat, what lovely photos I could take! (I'd hire him out as a street performer, but sadly, he is not so gifted at the concertina. Maybe people would pay to make him stop?)

The recently odd? I saw an escaped flock of chickens running down a decidedly non-rural road. They kept looking over their shoulders at me in my car, as if checking to see if I was still there. I felt like I should do something, but what? How does one wrangle a flock of chickens?

Glee Girl said...

Hi Julian. Wow, a unicyle on Eastlink! This is bad, but I would have been watching to see if he fell off.

Nope, didn't notice the other topics! Guess I was so absorbed with the word game. The English grammar game is good too, although I find it much easier than the word definitions, which means I get to feel smart.

Hi Robin. Hehe. Your comment brought a big smile to my face first thing this morning - first because those gifts sure beat socks 'n jocks and just the idea of your husband being put to work as a street performer. I reckon most people would struggle to do a good job on the concertina while trying not to fall off a one-wheeled bike!

And the chickens! Checking on you over their shoulders ( chickens have shoulders?)! Haha! Hmmm...chicken wrangling...A handful of chicken feed? (which of course you had handy in your glove box.) We had chooks when I was a kid and that always brought them running. I wonder what happened to them?

Julian said...

Glee Girl said...

" Hi Julian. Wow, a unicyle on Eastlink! This is bad, but I would have been watching to see if he fell off. "

You're evil (not that that's a bad thing, of course ;) ). Come to think of it, I've never actually seen a Penny Farthing being ridden "in the flesh"!