Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rain and Stones

How nice is it when you are inside snug on the couch under a blanket and big, fat rain drops are pattering against your windows? We are in the middle of our driest spring ever in southern Australia - and in the grip of a long drought with no end in sight - so rain on the windows is welcome in more ways than one.

More of the Stones

I bought Angus and Julia Stone's album A Book Like This on iTunes last night. I like it a lot. There's some really beautiful guitar and strings on there, particularly in Here We Go Again. I couldn't find a decent video for it, so here's a song called Bella.


Julian said...

Lying in bed at night and listening to the sound of the rain outside is something I love, and just thinking about it gives me a cosy feeling. :)

Small Footprints said...

I love the sound of rain. We are in a drought also so ... when it does rain, my plants dance (me, too).

Thank you for sharing "Bella" and "Angus and Julia Stone" ... it was lovely ... or should I say bellissimo!

Take Care!
Small Footprints

Glee Girl said...

Hi Julian, just as well simply thinking about listening to the rain makes you feel cosy, hey?

Hello small footprints. Glad you liked Bella! I highly recommend their album - A Book Like This.

Earl Riser said...

Thanks for sharing Angus and Julia Stone, I like their sound, didn`t know they were aus either so still learning me.

What I like listening to at the moment, on the radio anyway, Kings Of Leon; sex on fire.Good beat with a guitar going on in background.Not always my cuppa, but cool at the moment. :)