Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cupcake quickie...and tax

Yum! Ladybird cupcake.

More good news!

The guy who does my tax informed me today I should get a tidy little sum back this year - as opposed to last year when I had to pay the taxman extra for the first time ever.

I'm not particularly money-motivated, but a cash injection from the taxman will help pay for a new camera to replace my very basic digital camera (pic above taken with even crappier phone camera). I love taking photos, so a more advanced camera will be a fabulous treat. Something else to look forward to.


My baby...I mean, my laptop is in hospital for minor surgery, so until it's discharged, I won't be blogging so much.

I will save up the glee.


Daniel Allen / The Efficiency Proposal said...

Don't let this slight misfortune of your laptop slow you down. Find ways to "out hustle" your opponent, in this case your opponent happens to be writing. Hope you succeed in getting back your computer as soon as possible!

Anonymous said...

I have been told the Cannon is an excellent camera,I know 2 professionals who have them and 2 others who are a super keen photographers who has a cheaper model

Lance said...

Enjoy a cupcake in your disconnected state. And a new camera...sounds fun, enjoy your new toy!

Joanne said...

I like how you plan to save up the glee! Just found your blog, enjoyed browsing. Happy camera shopping!

Earl Riser said...

Well your lappy in hospital, you`re scoffing ladybird cupcakes, buying a new camera too.
And hey, whats about the Glee your`e saving up to bombast us with?
A life full of glee you have.

Small Footprints said...

Things always have a way of working out for the best ... especially for people like you who cultivate a joyful life. Perhaps ... a "sick" laptop gives you time to go out and about, snapping lovely pictures with your new camera.

Small Footprints

Marelisa said...

Oh, I love cupcakes, I'm thinking of making them for Halloween. I'm sorry your laptop is sick, but I agree with Daniel above that you should out-hustle your opponent and do lots of blogging anyway :-)

Glee Girl said...

Hi Daniel. Welcome! I did get my laptop back after a few days, which was a relief, but its absence did slow me down, unfortunately. I wasn't going to resort to pen and paper or spend time at work on the weekend. Interesting that you've cast writing as my opponent. I think technology is my opponent (or maybe it's my own brain...)!

Hello Anonymous. Good call on the Canons - I've done some online reasearch and they seem to have a large range that's highly recommended. Off to the shops with me.

Hi Lance. I certainly will enjoy the new camera, although I am sure that there will be a period of befuddlement while I try to work it out. Not particularly techno-savvy, me. But it will be worth it, I'm sure.

Hi Joanne. Thanks for stopping by and having a look around. I often have more "glee" to write about from day to day than what I end up writing about and it's sometimes hard to choose what misses out. Then I have other days where I struggle to find anything...

Hi Earl. Yes, my life has been full of glee lately (apart from said laptop). Lucky, eh?

Hi small footprints. Yes, there is always an upside to having no internet at home, which is that I spend less time on the couch and I'm more productive. I did feel a little bereft withough it though.

Hi Marelisa. It's great that cupcakes have made a comeback. It was all muffins, muffins, muffins there for years! Great idea to make them for Halloween. You could really have a lot of fun with decorating them. Almost makes me wish that I celebrated Halloween (it's catching on here in Australia, which is ludicrous because it has no relevance to our Australian culture whatsoever... but I suppose, like a lot of holidays/festive occasions, maybe it's more about the food!)