Monday, October 6, 2008

Rainbows...and a very useful coincidence

I struggled to find the glee today. Yep. I have a cold but had to drag myself in to work early to cover someone else who was away sick, so I had one leg in my cranky pants before I even left home. And to make things worse, a cold snap hit the state overnight, pulling us back into the grip of winter.

The end of the working day was a relief...but as I made my way to the tram, weighed down by two bags of groceries and with a wind straight from the Arctic freeze-drying my ears, it started to rain. I didn't have a spare hand for an umbrella. It was about 12 degrees C (that's cold for us!) and I didn't have my mittens either. Harrumph!

But then I looked up and saw the arc of a rainbow against blue sky through a gap in the city buildings. Oooh! A rainbow! I thought as city workers rushed by me. My crankiness dissolved. The glee is always just have to look for it.

I managed to get a seat on the crowded tram too, which was very welcome. It was a recently vacated seat and it's the only time I remember being happy to sit on a seat still warm from someone else's backside!

Yet another happy little concidence

You may have read that I am planning to put my tax return towards buying a fancy pants new camera. Before I hit the shops though, I needed to do some research, which is my least favourite part of buying a new gizmo.

But what should zing into my inbox today, but the latest instalment from, a list of the top 10 digital cameras! Thanks, guys, you read my mind! (This is a great site for anyone who has a touch of the techno-twits about them, like me.) I'm starting to wonder if I'm somehow effortlessly and unconsciously bending the world to my will!

Good sheet

This is stupid, but it really pleases me when I manage to fold the fitted sheet perfectly, all smooth and flat and neat. Maybe it's because I finally seem to have got the knack of it after 20-odd years of sheet folding!

Is there anything that is guaranteed to dissolve your bad mood instantly? What silly little things give you pleasure?


Marelisa said...

I'd say anything involving water gives me pleasure: taking a shower, taking a bath, going to the beach, sitting by the pool ... Water has a definite tranquilizing effect on me.

Urban Panther said...

12 degrees celcius? Lord girl, that's positively balmy? Try minus 30 C! And that's before the wind chill factor. Thankfully it's not that temperature yet. Right now it's a very toasty 8 degrees *smile* Rainbows as well. Absolutely always will strip me of my cranky pants.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you mean Antarctic wind?

Glee Girl said...

Hi Marelisa. Yes, water can be very calming and relaxing. You're obviously quite the water baby. I'd like the beach a lot more if the sand didn't get into everything!

Hello Urban Panther. Hehe, yes, that's why I put in the bit about 12 degrees being cold for us. Like a lot of things in life, it's relative. Melbourne is often bagged (by the rest of the country, apart from Tasmania, which is further south) for being cold and miserable, but by world standards, it's mild. It rarely gets below 0 here - only on a very occasional night in the depths of winter. I would surely die if I had to endure minus 30!

Hi Anonymous. Er...der, me! Yes.

Julian said...

Another really good site for camera reviews is . They go into a lot of depth (and there are also summaries if you don't want to hack through pages of detail).