Sunday, October 19, 2008

Freaky coincidence number....what am I up to now?

OK, seriously there is some funny business going on. I encountered yet another freaky coincidence last night. Yes! Another one!

I was walking home from a very enjoyable evening of drinks, conversation and late night kebabbery when I passed a guy walking in the opposite direction. A few paces later he called out my name. I turned around and there was the guy with the big red flag over his head from Thursday night! He'd just left a bar nearby.

I ended up having a drink with him, which was fun - certainly more enjoyable than dinner a few nights ago. I was glad to see him again. He's an entertaining guy and we have a few things in common, but he's not a sound emotional investment. I don't want to take any more foolish risks with my heart, at least not just yet.

50 x 2

And then when I was walking home I found another $50 on the ground! You may recall I found a $50 note on the footpath near my house the first week of this blog. Twice in six weeks! Weirdly this time I don't feel bad about profiting from someone's loss, possibly because I'm hanging out for pay day more than usual or maybe because I'm choosing to assume it was dropped by a punter who came home from the Caulfield Cup with a pocket stuffed full of cash. (The Caulfield Cup is the first big race day of Melbourne's Spring Racing Carnival, an annual collision of horseracing, frockery, gambling and falling down drunk in your fanciest get-up.)

How's your weekend been? Anything gleeful?


Lance said...

A great weekend so far Jayne, thanks for asking. I coached my last soccer game of the season for my youngest son - and we ended with a win - the most evenly matched game we've had this year. I think it was a great experience for both teams. Today I'm packing to head out to Las Vegas (for work, not play) - and that will be fun too!

In decisions of the heart, Jayne, really listen to both your heart - and what it's saying. If this "friend" is not the right one, don't get too emotionally invested with him...

Anonymous said...

$50, a second time! Maybe it was Bill Gates' note. You know, they say it would not have been worth his time to pick it up. Anyway, eyes down.

On my wanderings through the Albert Park area I came across a house that would not be out of place in the world of Harry Potter. I wonder whether it has a secret door in the library? And after that I acquainted myself with a very tasty chicken avocado salad. Yum!

The photos of the city in all its moods are great, but to personalise them a little, perhaps you could include, umm, your feet?

Glee Girl said...

Hi Lance. Well done on the soccer win! Sounds like a good game. And have fun in Vegas (even if it is work).

I think I listen too much to my heart. It has a tendency to get its way too often and needs to be reined in by my head. It is still a little bruised at the moment, so could be more cautious than normal. Good advice though. Thanks.

Hi Anonymous. Hmmm...yes, a few more personal touches in my photos is probably not a bad idea. Will see what I can do. I admit I am fixated on taking photos of the city from the bridge near my house (among many other things like clouds, trees silhouetted against the sky, cranes on the building site near home and old doors and windows).