Monday, October 20, 2008

Hand claps, furry buds and friends

I have a new favourite song today - Just a Boy by Aussie folkies Angus and Julia Stone. Love the breezy tempo, the harmonica and the hand claps. I have quite a thing for songs with hand claps, come to think of it...


We have a fresh floral arrangement in the reception area at work each week. This week's has some twiggy things rising out of it with little furry buds on them. They are so soft, like miniscule silvery-green mice. I can't pass by without patting them. The same thing happens with the furry centres of proteas and I may have already mentioned that every time I visit the Botanic Gardens I stroke the Lamb's Ears (below). They are particularly soft and velvety at the moment.


I went back to work today after my home holiday. It was good to see my friends there again.

What's your favourite song at the moment?


Marelisa said...

The song is great and the video is very whimsical (I loved the little cow walking on the guitar handle). My mother has a chair that's draped in velvet and whenever I go over there I always have to touch it. She tells me not to, but I do it anyway :-)

Evelyn Lim said...

I like the video for its whimsical production. It speaks to my creative core. Thanks for sharing it!

Glee Girl said...

Hello Marelisa. Yes, whimsical is exactly the word that came to my mind as well to describe the video. Most of their videos are in a similar vein.

It's so comforting and therapeutic touching velvety things. I wonder if it's as good for you as patting a pet? Probably not - chairs aren't very loyal!

Hello Evelyn. I'm glad you liked the video.