Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It don't seem right...but I like it

It doesn't seem right to say this on a blog that is about positivity, but having a good rant usually makes me feel good.

I write a blog on Myspace, and every now and then I have a vent about stuff that annoys me, from the trivial to the substantial, and I usually feel quite cleansed and pleased with myself afterwards.

That's how I felt tonight after posting a blog there about words I dislike (which is just as much a rant about pretentious wankery than anything). Maybe it's because my work day was full of little irritations that built up and needed an outlet?

Feeling good through negativity. Hmmm.


victoria said...

i think everyone needs to vent sometimes, and maybe writing about it is a way to diffuse that negative energy. i think your writing is reasoned and entertaining - even mid-rant ;)

it's all about the balance at the end of the day...i think you have a better grasp of that than most folks do :)

Small Footprints said...

It's tough to stay positive at all times. Occasionally it's rather a relief to just allow one's self to be angry, irritated, sad or just plain gloomy. It's similar to meditation ... sometimes we just have to acknowledge the negative thought and then ... allow it to find it's way out of our heads.

And isn't it nice to have a place ... and friends ... to vent to!

Take Care!

Small Footprints

Glee Girl said...

Hi Victoria. Yes, I think venting is essential to one's mental well being. If you saved up all that negative energy you'd go off like a volcano and it wouldn't be pretty.

Thank you for your compliments. It seems quite a few people find my rantings more entertaining than the positive, happy stuff I write, which is curious...or perhaps a sign I should stick to ranting!

I am conscious of being balanced on my other blog - I try to follow up the ranty stuff with postive stuff. This one, of course, is all positive.

Hi Small Footprints. It is almost impossible to be positive all the time and it isn't healthy to repress negative emotions - I guess the important distinction is between healthy negative emotions and unhealthy negative ones, and even then knowing what is worth giving space in your mind.

And yes, it's fabulous to have a place to vent and people to listen! Yay for the interwebs!