Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birthday boy and small victories

I spent the afternoon at a birthday celebration for my quasi-nephew Nathan, who turned two today.

His grandma gave him a push-car for his birthday and he was so excited when he saw it. Glee personified. He pushed himself around on the deck and shook his head vehemently when asked if he wanted to go inside for cake. He tried to hold the door of his car shut when his dad came to get him out. It was adorable.

His speech has come a long way in the six or so weeks since I saw him. He's now talking in basic sentences, including "Mummy, I not happy" and "I hungry mummy. Toast".

I'm really enjoying seeing him grow and develop. I don't spend a lot of time around kids and the couple I do see semi-regularly annoy me, but Nathan is a gorgeous kid and I love the little tacker heaps (in a quasi-aunt way, not in tick-tick-tick way).

The small victories of a techno twit

I've been in a state of techno-overload the past few months. Apart from my camera (which I'm still learning to use), I have bought a new digital set top box, DVD player and mobile phone (which also has a snazzy 5 megapixel camera in it, so it's like two doses of techno overload in one toy).

It's nice having new toys but I don't enjoy the process of trying to come to grips with new technology or not knowing how to do stuff on the new toys I could do on the old ones without thinking. I already feel like I'm so far behind the technological vanguard it's pointless trying to catch up. I just bumble my way through (since I can't delegate it to the man in my life like I used to in the past).

But even so, I do get a buzz when I manage to make things work, like when I plugged in my DVD player and set top box all on my own and they actually worked! And tonight I have (admittedly only with the help of a friend) managed to download some photos from my phone to my laptop. None of it was tricky in hindsight, but I'm pleased with myself nonetheless. Go, me!


dam buster said...

Hey well done on the techno work Jayne!

Now you have two ways of taking pictures either via the camera or phone. I still get calls from my parents asking about how things are plugged together...

Abbeysmum said...

Some Glee.....
Walking with all the children , in the very large garden,late afternoon.

Dinner...fresh, super yummy, homemade, vegetarian Sushi.

Warm Summer night drive home to my own little place.

Frisky Librarian said...

Thanks, db. I do like having the option of the phone camera. Occasionally I'm caught out with a flat battery in my Canon.

I still quite like the idea of having someone to ring and explain techno stuff to me - or better still, to come around and do it for me!

Hi Abbeysmum. Sounds delightful! I've always thought I should have a go at making sushi (since, when not in allergy elimination diet mode, I eat it nearly every day). But I have yet to get around to it.