Thursday, February 26, 2009

Guitar dude

Tonight walking home I saw a man standing on the deserted bank of the Yarra near the Swan Street Bridge playing a guitar. He was several metres off the path, with an upright helmet at his feet and a scooter parked nearby on the grass.

I guess sometimes the mood just grabs you, hey?

(I was too bashful to take a photo of him so you can have another picture of yesterday's precipitation instead.)


dam buster said...

What was the busker hoping for? commuters on their bikes on the way home to drop off some coin?? odd spot indeed.

fingers are still crossed for more rain.. not looking good today though.

Frisky Librarian said...

I'm not even sure he was actually busking, given he wasn't close to the path and his helmet wasn't upturned to collect money. It was like he just suddenly got the urge to belt out a tune!