Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday scenes

Honey, I shrunk the musical comedy act...
Tripod performs at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl's
50th birthday freebie concert

Jayne and Michael at the 50th birthday concert (yes, it's my face!)

The sun setting over Princes Bridge



dam buster said...

My old housemate looks very similar to the short goofy looking one.

nice post Jayne.. Looks like you enjoyed the day at the bowl.

victoria said...

hello you :)

looks like a fun day out

Jayne said...

Photos look fab!

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi db. Poor guy. Was he as short as Yon? You would have made an amusing sight together if he was.

Hey Victoria. It was fun, especially as I'd never been to a show at the music bowl before, despite living in Melbourne for 17 years and within walking distance to the Bowl for the past 4.

Thanks Jayne!

dam buster said...

FL - yes he is as short as Yon. We called him the Guru.

we used to go out together a bit and amongst other friends we were a ramshackle looking group.