Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A gleeful miscellany

My neighbours' cherry tomatoes

Silly little things I like...

* Having exactly the right amount of change in my wallet to pay for something

* Popping press studs

* Re-stapling a document in exactly the same spot as it was originally stapled

* Stamping things at work with my red 'URGENT' stamp (faxes usually, not walls or people)

* When my iPod and mobile phone are both fully charged at the same time

* When I text someone at exactly the same time they text me (this happens freakishly often with one particular friend)

What silly little things do you like?

PS Sorry I have been slow in replying to your comments lately. It doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen!


Abbeysmum said...

Some silly things...fresh spray starched pillow case.
noticing a flower on any of the plants on the deck( I can see them from inside the house)
a well done pedicure (occasional treat)
Good coffee from beans I have freshly ground.

Stephanie said...

Guessing what time it is and being within a couple of minutes.
Getting into bed when I have fresh sheets, clean pyjamas and shaved legs all at the same time.
Pressing in the little bubbles on other people's take-away drink lids before they get to them.
When people accidentally say words around the wrong way in conversation.

dam buster said...

Steph has a good one regarding the clean sheets.
got to add:
1. the smell of clothes dried outside on the clothesline;
2. popping the bubbles on bubble wrap packing;
3. getting to work and finding a team member has left a banana from the fruit bowl on my desk; and
4. seeing how much the trees in my yard have grown each year.

Frisky Librarian said...

Nice list, Abbeysmum - although many would suggest good, fresh coffee is a major thing, rather than a silly little one.

Hi Stephanie. Great list. You probably remember that I get a little buzz out of guessing the temperature on the Nylex clock (although it doesn't give you as much joy getting it right when it says 43 degrees).

Hi db. I'm assuming you mean the fresh sheets themselves, not the bit about shaved legs...

Gotta love bubble wrap. Have you seen the online version? Very thoughtful of the person at work to leave you a banana.

I'm enjoying seeing my new indoor plants grow, so I can imagine seeing your trees grow is even better.

dam buster said...

Well FL - I don't know Stephanie THAT well! I don't shave my legs either.

But, I am not going to argue if someone shaves theirs ;)

I have played the bubble wrap on line. A friend sent me an equivalent one today with a spider on the deskto that you can control and feed and play with.. very odd.

Earl Riser said...

Hmmmm, silly little things I like, will be awe inspiring, at the very least!!
* Not having to wake up to an alarm, of one sort or another, at least five mornings a week!!
*Fresh sheets, YESSS!!
*Not being so late, that Jayne mrs my comments, LMAO, at taht!!

Emm said...

That is so funny - I like to re-staple docuemtns like that too!

Frisky Librarian said...

Hey db. Bubble wrap and spiders? It does sound odd.

Hello Earl. Not having to wake up to an alarm is awesome (especially when your alarm goes off as early as yours does).

Hi Emm. Glad it's not just me! Are you good at it? I only get maybe one out of five.

dam buster said...

Oh I should have clarified that.. it is seperate to the bubble wrap thing. I can email it to you if you like?

Jayne said...

I commend you on your name :P
Dark chocolate ginger anywhere on the menu is high on my list ;)

Emmy said...

- Adjusting the coffee pot under the basket so the coffee goes in without touching the hole in the lid, especially if I can do it before the coffee starts to flow.

- Finding a cat whisker somewhere in the house. I collect them and have them stuck in an eraser! I usally put them into the eraser when I'm in a phone meeting.

- Having a cat rub up against me when I've just shaved my legs.

- Having an equal amount of hair in each section when I braid my hubby's long, long locks (it's longer than mine).

What is a press stud?

Abbeysmum said...

Hi Jayne, the silly part of the coffee making was... I am so fussy I have to grind my own beans fresh for every mug and it is an old cast iron hand grinder.....they look something like the old fashioned hand mincer that you turn the handle.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Jayne. We might share a name but we certainly don't share taste in chocolate. Ginger! Blech! It's the only chocolate I'm not even tempted to eat (although once I did suck the chocolate off the outside).

Hello Emmy. Great list! Suitably silly. I particularly like the cat whisker one. I remember thinking it was a bit special finding a cat whisker when I lived with cats.

I didn't realise press stud wasn't universal terminology. I don't know what you would call it - you know those little two-piece metal fasteners that are sometimes used instead of buttons? One side is the "outie" bit that you press into the corresponding "innie" bit on the other side? What do you call them?

Emm said...

Unfortunately, I have to admit, I am pretty good at it. I'm proud to admit that I am not as particular as I used to be in the offce though, so we do have progress!

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Abbeysmum. Maybe that's silly. Maybe it's just the mark of a very discerning connoisseur? Sounds overous, but then how many beans does it take to make a cup of coffee?

Hey Emm...what? You mean there's something wrong with being persnickety about your re-stapling? ;)

Frisky Librarian said...

Haha. Overous. I meant onerous of course.

Emmy said...

tee hee a press stud is a snap to me. Very good description!!

Abbeysmum said...

Just for you Jayne, as a special and never to be repeated exercise...I counted what I would normally use in the grinder and the grand total is 70 beans......So who ever thought up the 43 beans thing for Nescafe, must like coffee that tastes like dishwater......YUK