Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm fabulous, doncha know?

OK, not me personally, but my blog is, according to Fantastic Forrest, who has bestowed me with this award -

Aw, shucks. Thanks, FF! I'm chuffed.

Now, I am meant to bestow the award on 10 other blogs, but I think I might struggle to come up with that many since I would feel a bit of a goose awarding it to some of the hugely popular blogs by professional or high profile bloggers I mostly read. When you already have squillions of fans/subscribers (like Zen Habits by Leo Babuata or Go Fug Yourself) you probably don't need a nobody from a place you've likely never heard of telling you your blog rocks, do you?

Anyway, I would like to award my friend Victoria/A Work in Progress for her daily photo blog M(o)mento, in which she regularly makes the ordinary look interesting and beautiful. I'm a bit jealous!

I also give it to Small Footprints, for Reduce Footprints, a blog about simple ways we can all minimise our impact on the environment. It's informative and positive and completely non-preachy.

And to Three Beautiful Things and The Happiness Project (the two blogs that helped inspire me to start Gleeful).

Yeesh...four blogs. Clearly I need to get out into the blogosphere more...


Julian said...

Of course you're fabulous! ;)

victoria said...

you ARE fabulous my lovely :)

awww thankye m'am for outing me on your blog *blushes*

i am TRYING to do more colour, honest :P

thanks for all your support, and for providing me with my fix of Jayne-blogs :)

dam buster said...

Congrats Jayne. Always nice to be recognised in some way!

Abbeysmum said...

Just started reading "the private patient"...P.D.James, I think she is a "word nerd" Instead of gutsing and guzzleing my way through a book, I am now slowing right down to savour her little well placed missiles of thought provocation.
Well done on the recognition,of course we love your day to day jottings.

Small Footprints said...

Oh ... you totally deserve that award. And how sweet of you to pass it on to me. You made my day! :)

I'm terrible at these things ... I don't seem to ever get around to awarding them. But I'm going to try ... I think I can, I think I can.

Small Footprints

Becca said...

I agree with the award for fabulousness (if that's a word). I always enjoy reading your posts.

Fantastic Forrest said...

To be clear, it wasn't JUST your blog that I was labeling fabulous. It IS you too.

I hope chuffed is a good thing. Must look this up. That is one of the reasons I consider you so fabulous. You are teaching me a foreign language.

And don't feel the pressure to start reading more blogs. It sounds like you already have some great ones on the list. Between reading those and creating photos and text for yours, you have plenty to keep you occupied. I don't want to be the one who encouraged you down the path of living in filth and neglecting personal hygiene in favor of adventuring through bloggyland. One of us doing that is bad enough.

Frisky Librarian said...

Thank you Julian!

And thank you too Victoria. I'm happy to plug your photo blog. You have a talent that should be more widely appreciated! And I don't mind if there's no colour, honest. Your black and white shots are beautiful.

Hi db. It's nice simply to have people reading but to be deemed fabulous, well! That's even better!

Hi Abbeysmum. Thank you. Have you managed not to guts and guzzle the book? Missiles of thought provocation. I like that.

Hello small footprints! I'm glad to make your day! I know what you mean...I'm not very good at these things either, hence my poor effort. I'll be interested to see who you nominate if you do get to it, but if not, no matter!

Thanks Becca. I'll allow fabulousness. Fabulosity? Whichever! I like made up words too.

Hey Fantastic Forrest. Thank you for the clarification! Chuffed is a good thing - I think it's an English (as opposed to Australian) expression but happy to teach you a new word nonetheless.

And hehe. Phew. I get to keep some spare time for showering and washing my clothes. Actually, I often feel overwhelmed by the number of blogs I subscribe to/read and often don't get to read as much of them as I would like. (Curse having to leave the house to make money!). And when you add in my own blogs (I blog on myspace as well)...well, something would have to give.