Saturday, February 7, 2009

Glee spotting and giraffe spotting

I found glee today. Literally. In the Target puzzle. If you want to find the nine-letter word yourself, avert your gaze now! The rest of you, scroll down.
It's ideologue. Go, me! (OK, maybe that doesn't work in a blog, but don't say I didn't try.)

I found something else gleeful today too. See those giraffes below? I have been looking for these toys for months and today I found them at a cheapie shop on Chapel Street. Yay! I was walking past and just happened to see them in the window completely by chance!

Do you know what they are? I don't know what you call them, but the parts are strung onto string which is pulled taut and when you depress the button on the bottom, the tension eases and you can make the toy move - dance or collapse off to the side or just nod its head.

I already had one giraffe, sitting there on my mantelpiece which was given to me years ago. Recently for some reason - I can't remember why - I just got a hankering to give him some friends. Not necessarily fellow Giraffa camelopardalises (don't know if that's the plural, but I'm going with it), but certainly fellow jointed-wooden-toys-with-a button-on-the-bottom.

But I couldn't find them anywhere. Until today. There was a selection of different animals, and a clown and a few other things, but I decided to create a corps of giraffes (that's one of the collective nouns for giraffes, as well as herd and tower, supposedly).

Silly, but I'm very happy with my new toys. Look at their little, slightly demented faces! Here's the whole tower.

I think I'm going to give them names now. Thinking..... What do you think are good names for giraffes?

PS. No, the record breaking heat (46.6C/115.5F) hasn't addled my brain. It's usually addled.


Anonymous said...

Two of the giraffes have that crazed Ossie Ostrich look about them.
Another toyshop, full of quirky and retro toys, is on Lygon St just South of Faraday St.

Fantastic Forrest said...

I love your giraffes!! I am so glad the first one is not lonely anymore. That was very thoughtful of you, Jayne.

It would help to know if the giraffes are male or female before I make name suggestions. :-)

Abbeysmum said... first suggestion would be Lofty or Stretch, maybe even Shorty, as some Aussie nicknames are opposites.
Then again with those long graceful legs, you could do Rudy(Nureyov)or Margo (Fontayne)or some other dancer with groovy moves.

dam buster said...

Being of rather tall stature myself some of my childhood nicnames could apply:
stretch, streak, bones.. alas some of my other nicnames would be appropriate for toy giraffes!

dam buster said...

Oh and well done on getting the 9 letter word. i always find that i either spot it in 10 seconds or it takes a loooooooong time.

Earl Riser said...

I lurve the giraffes(one are too f`s) see I dud school.Thats kiwi english, btw.
What to call the giraffes, hmmmmmm mmmmmmm. heh.
Two words, f---- f-----s. ? :-)
Go on, say it!!

Small Footprints said...

The tall, skinny guy with the big ears looks like a "Ralph" to me. The other two look like "Thelma" and "Louise". :)

Your site is always fun!!

Small Footprints

Frisky Librarian said...

Hey anon. Yes, the one on the left especially looks a little Ossie Ostrich. I think I know the toy shop you mean. I was sure they would have them, but they didn't. At least not when I went to have a look.

Hello FF. I can't decide whether they are boys or girls. Maybe he two new ones are boys and the taller one is a lady giraffe?

Hey Abbeysmum. Thank you for your suggestions. I quite like alliteration so I'm thinking I might go for names starting with J or G and as they are kinda goofy, they need suitably goofy names... can't think right now though.

Hey db. You mean INappropriate? Do tell...

Hello Earl. Hehe. No!

Hi Small Footprints. Oh, maybe you're right, the tall one is a guy and the others are girls. Gah!

And thank you! I'm quite serious about having fun.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Giovanni, Georgette and Geranium.


Giancarlo, Georgianna and Ginger.

I am addicted to alliteration. I lived next door to a woman who named all her children names that began with the "Jay" sound: George, John, Janelle and Jillian. Her name was Jan.

dam buster said...

oh yes oops.. my bad there.