Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Glorious rain, and Gog and Magog

You know rain is a rare occurrence when you are thrilled at the idea of walking to work in it and you whip out your camera to take pictures of puddles and rain drops on foliage.

It was drizzling when I woke up. I could hear rain drops pattering softly onto the leaves of the tree outside my bathroom window. I unfurled my umbrella with glee when I stepped out the front door, although the rain was so light I almost didn't need to shelter from it.

It was such a refreshing change from the record dry, hot summer we've been having in southern Australia. I enjoyed having to wear a light jacket on my walk to work and the light spattering of rain drops on my glasses. I relished the gloomy grey skies and the wisps of cloud crowning Eureka Tower. Clouds make the city look so moody and interesting. Sunshine and clear blue skies are pretty but boring.

Gog & Magog

One of my favourite places in the city is the Royal Arcade with its checkerboard floor, interesting shops and, of course, the big clock flanked by the statues of mythical figures Gog & Magog, who strike the clock every hour on the hour.

I'm posting this for Fantastic Forrest who blogged about The World Clock Project and posted a picture of a great clocktower in Vancouver.


Stephanie said...

Have you been into that wonderful shop that sells all the matryoshka dolls? I think that's in Royal Arcade.
I love sitting outside the cafes in the Block Arcade with my latte, watching the people go by (followed by a wander around Haigh's). Loving your blogs about Melbourne...

dam buster said...

Royal Arcade is an amazing spot. With all the odd little shops and side arcades and things in the area. I think it is an enchanting part of the city.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hey Stepahnie. Yes, it is in the Royal Arcade. I haven't been into it, but I do like to look in the window. They also had a special Christmas shop last Christmas which sold lots of beautiful baubles.

It is a nice place to stop and people watch.

And thank you - thanks for reading!

Hey db. Enchanting is exactly the word for it!